The Juggernaut Challenge

Few people are aware that the word “Juggernaut” that means an unstoppable or an overpowering force – originates from the temple town of Puri and Lord Jagannath. Every year when the massive chariot carrying the Lord is pulled across town by hundreds – God forbid, should anyone slip and fall in the way of the wheels, there is no way the chariot can be stopped. Jagannath rolls on – hence the juggernaut rolls on…….

FocusU now adapts this ritual into a corporate challenge that calls for teams to display their engineering skills, creativity, time management & ofcourse teamwork, competitiveness – in another unstoppable experience…. The Juggernaut Challenge!

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Starting with some basic building material – the challenge set out for the teams is simple – to be able to construct a Juggernaut that is able to transport a nominated “Lord” from their team, safely through a stretch in the shortest time possible….. the key word here being, “Safety”!

But THAT is easier said than done. Building a Juggernaut, teams realise – calls for a lot of thought and planning. How will the wheels bear the actual weight of the Lord? How do we ensure the wheels don’t slip out mid-way? Smaller wheels or Larger wheels? On what will the carriage rest? The questions are plenty – the answers are for the teams to discover. But beyond these technical questions are the other questions that teams need to find answers to – Who does what? How to decide which idea to go ahead with? Often as the clock ticks and the pressure mounts, conflicts surface – how is that handled?

Ultimately though as Murphy’s Law teaches us: Everything gets done at the last minute. Or Almost done we would say……

Teams line up combatively behind the start line - and as the final whistle blows, the Juggernauts start rumbling on towards the finish line. There is wild cheering from the side lines as Gladiators from each team spirit their Lord’s away ….. at times Juggernauts come perilously close to crashing into each other, at times they even spill their Lord’s out!!! But ultimately the Juggernaut that wins – is the one that has perhaps been able to find the answers to most of the questions above…. Satisfactorily!

An amazing team based challenge for anywhere from 40 to 150 people at a time – The Juggernaut Challenge can be setup and run indoors (space permitting) or outdoors. Ask us about this challenge today – we would love to run it for your team!

  • "We have never seen an activity which is so power packed and which generates loads of energy in the participating teams. The activity challenged the grey cells and the brawn alike since it was a perfect blend of creative and physical strength. The Juggernaut Challenge generated a sense of healthy competition within the competing teams. Each team took pride in the fact that their Juggernaut had to pass the test of durability, performance, utility and of course look pretty. While the challenge was on, we were pleasantly surprised to see the perfect coordination of the intact teams, the way the tasks got distributed amongst the team members, the way the elements came together to build the final cart, I mean, it was a treat to watch. Kudos to Focus team for coming up with such an amazing challenge and bringing us closer as a team."
    Gaurav Chugh
    Senior Manager - Demand Planning (Modern Trade) Hindustan Unilever Limited

Download the Juggernaut Challenge One Pager