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Improv for Communication

Because YES is more fun than NO

When you ask people what they think of when they hear the word “Improvisation” or “Improv” – the usual responses are: “Spontaneous”, “Witty”, “Winging it”, “Creative” or “Hilarious.” This is perhaps because Improv as a topic in popular culture became famous because of the TV show, “Whose line is it anyway?”

Improvisation and comedy are not synonymous. Comedy is just one of the byproducts and benefits of improvisation. Mostly Improv is a device for expanding comfort zones, learning new competencies, and actively looking for and creating opportunities. It is such a relief for most participants when they realize that they don’t have to be a funny person to improvise! Yes, anyone can improvise and everyone can learn it too!

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• When run in the physical mode: The workshop, which is setup as a series of Experiential activities brings alive the different rules of Improv to participants in a fun, engaging and participative process. Each person is nudged to be a “cheerleader” in this session, supporting themselves and others both verbally and non-verbally. Participants are told their job in each exercise is to make their partner look good. The activities are sequenced in a manner that it gradually pushes participants out of their comfort zones. By creating an atmosphere of unconditional support, non-judgmental learning and fun, Facilitators help participants in traversing this journey smoothly.

• When run in the virtual mode: The workshop when run virtually feels easier for participants to embrace and participate in, since the fear of being “put on the spot” or “under the limelight” is reduced when participants are virtual. The rules of improv can be successfully transferred from real-life settings into virtual team sessions. Through a series of exercises, the Facilitators gradually increase the level of difficulty and complexity so that as they learn, participants also share a great amount of laughter!

Either ways, the Improv for Communication workshop, will help participants:
• Understand that Improv does not call on you to be “funny”
• Learn to communicate in a constructive way that encourages win-win
• Be able to respond and adapt to change
• Learn to naturally support and celebrate others
• Be able to adopt a non-judgmental attitude
• Be able to connect the competencies of Improv to your work life

A few key parameters:

Is this workshop right for my team?
In a business environment that changes constantly, Improv provides the tools and skills to help people adapt successfully. The competencies that improvisation builds on help a team create productive environments, encourage curiosity and commitment. Once participants experience and develop the mechanical skills of Improv, it is impossible for them not to use them; being difficult, unreasonable, or uncollaborative no longer works. It gives them a language to manoeuvre around communication breakdowns and dialogue disasters.

Improv a particularly good tool to learn in the context of communication because:
• It is a hands-on, experiential process where participants can learn as they practice
• It helps participants understand how to get the message across in in a constructive way that ensures a win-win situation for everyone involved
• Participants learn how to build conversations and importantly how to listen mindfully
• By focusing on specific improv techniques, everyone is heard, everyone has a voice, and everyone takes responsibility for collaborating with everyone else in the moment
• It provides a proven process with specific rules and characteristics that enable people to explore how to communicate with creativity and spontaneity without fear or apprehension
• It lightens up the communication process

If you are looking at a refreshing new way to help your teams communicate better - FocusU invites you to explore The Improv for Communication workshop!

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