Hit Squad Challenge

“Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” – Anne Herbert

Time: 1400 hours
Location: Somewhere in south Goa
Mission: 120 minutes to lockdown. Get in, accomplish your mission, shoot it and get out.

And so begins an enthralling challenge for your team – the Hit Squad - that is armed with a handy cam. The mission is highly impactful, so your team must travel light and fast.

The terrain is familiar: streets, malls, roads, shops – just about anywhere in the outdoors near your home base. The group is to look for as many opportunities as possible to do Acts of Kindness. It could be just about anything – helping clean the litter on the street, helping someone across the street, greeting the watchman at the door, teaching someone something…. Well you get the drift. It just needs to be something that most of us would say is an act of kindness. The only rule in this activity is that money cannot be directly given away.

The role of the reporter in this whole activity is crucial. Without being obtrusive, he only makes a note of as many proofs of kindness as he possibly can. When the teams are back, the reporters report to each group the many acts of kindness recorded. Basis their own unquestioned criteria, each team gives points between 1-10 for each act of kindness. And in this way, each team reaches a kindness score. The kindest team wins!

But think about it - which team do you think really won? The worth of an act of kindness is often in the eyes of the receiver. A team that discovers so many ways to show kindness – cannot stay unaffected by it. Opportunities for doing kindness are all around us – it is just that sometimes we get far too busy or pre-occupied to notice them. But what a difference they can make – for both the giver and the receiver!

A few key parameters:

Is this workshop right for my team?
This activity is both great fun, an eye-opener and also a great way to get people to drop artificial barriers and indulge in true sharing – that goes a long way in making the team a much better, happier unit.

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