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The Geocaching Challenge

The Global Hunt for Corporate Excellence!

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. FocusU brings to you this increasingly popular sport, integrating it with innovative corporate team building adventures to fuel team spirit and achieve corporate excellence.

If you’re on the hunt for a dynamic, unique team-building program, if your team wants to be stimulated, challenged and inspired in the outdoors – The Geocaching Challenge is the activity for you. With the use of sophisticated equipment like handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and objective-based caches, The Geocaching Challenge! makes for a fun and engaging experience and addresses key values of dynamism and team work effectively.

Sounds a tad challenging for some of you non-techies? Don’t sweat. It is as easy as using a cell phone. Splitting into teams, you and your team embark on an exciting quest for virtual caches, solving puzzles for clues to find the next cache using location coordinates.

In business, every rupee counts as you race against the clock. Similarly, in this activity every minute and every point earned counts as teams race to outscore each other. The anticipation as teams edge closer to the finish and the euphoria when they attain their goal is electric.

This exciting activity will tap your physical, mental, technical and navigational skills, and it is also a fun way to explore the wonderful features and capabilities of a GPS. The adventure filled experiential learning will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your team, translating back to your company environment and gradually transforming the culture for a unifying workplace.

Where can The Geo-Caching Challenge! be held?
The Geo-caching Challenge can be held just about anywhere, but in the outdoors. We would love to work with you to explore a new trail to setup a unique Geo-caching Challenge for your team !

We chose FocusU for a day of fun filled learning for our coaches and facilitators. From the design stage itself it was a partnership all the way to create a program just right for the IndiGo way. The Focus team listened in carefully to understand the nuances and execute to perfection. Our objectives had to be met through play. The final experience was delightful – full of laughter and bonding. The Geocoaching activity was a memorable and powerful tool with many ‘A-ha’ moments directly applicable to any result oriented workplace. The facilitation was exemplary. Role modelling is the best form of creating learning and the day created an experience from which our own coaches and facilitators may evolve.
Shirin Sachdev
DGM, L&D, Indigo Airlines

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