The Corporate Idol Challenge

It is no secret, we Indians love songs and singing!

Whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, or Sandalwood, each one of these movie industries were built on the foundation of great hummable memorable songs. There is something about songs and singing that sticks with us for a long time. Songs can entertain, send a message, trigger emotions and even inspire! .

What if you leveraged this powerful vehicle of people engagement in your team and created a team song that sticks? The song could be just for fun or something that sets a vision or one that pumps people up or even a "slice of life" take on the lives of the team members.

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In this hugely engaging activity that gets the creative juices (and the laughter) flowing for one and all, your team will work with experienced Rhythm Facilitators from FocusU to create a piece of music that not only sounds great, but also has a memorable message!

So go ahead and challenge your team members to be lyricists and musicians, and then sit back and enjoy the masterpieces that flow. The activity is brought to a close in an Indian Idol style rendition and capped off with the Corporate Idol Awards for the winning team.

This challenge is good for small to medium-sized groups at an indoor venue.


Download the Corporate Idol Challenge One Pager