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Cook-Off Challenge

Build your team the Gourmet Way!!

The Cook-Off Challenge tests the teams’ ability to become “Chefs for A Day”. To hold the title of a chef is no simple task. It goes beyond the ability to cook well. The fun and excitement of the program is no doubt the biggest draw.

Whatever the version or format this is run in, it is a competitive event. This could be run as an individual event where it is “every man for himself”, as the saying goes. This could also be run in teams, especially for a large group. The objective is to cook up a meal, worthy of a king (or queen) within the specified time limit.

Avail Program Through

•When run in the physical mode, teams participate in an auction where they strategize which ingredients to win. They then have to indulge in intense bartering and negotiations to get their hands on the right ingredients to achieve their cooking goals! Then comes the hard grind of actually preparing the dish, leveraging everyone’s strengths.

• While run in the virtual mode, the challenge is no different. Teams still have to deliver everything they would have in the physical world, however the challenge is tougher since they are divided by distance. All ingredients may not be there at the place where the skills reside, all skills may not be there where the ingredients are available. The challenge for the teams is to overcome all of these challenges!

In both forms of execution, side challenges can be built in, if desired. The 3 hour experience can have all the “bells and whistles” … team presentations, polls, judges, certs for winning teams, podium finish and even a customised recipe book as a souvenir!

A few key parameters:

3 hours

Time Limit

Physical or Virtual

Where this can be run

Up to 1000

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this workshop right for my team?
The Cook-Off Challenge is an activity that engages one and all. The metaphors from the activity lend themselves beautifully to a corporate debrief. Chefs need people & managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, conflict resolution skills and financial skills. They have to be fast and efficient, and be able to multi-task.
The activity hence brings forth different themes that can be debriefed and discussed at the end of the activity. A few of these being:
• Communication & Collaboration
• Adapting to Change
• Ownership & Accountability
• Empathy
• A winning attitude
• Work-life balance

“We were initially a little apprehensive on how the team building event would actually play out, given that we had not worked with FocusU earlier. However, I can speak on behalf of every individual present that not only did the FocusU team exceed our expectations; they did a wonderful job in actually bringing together and creating friendships amongst a very diverse group of people. The FocusU team really put a lot of thought into each and every exercise, and at the end of each session there were only smiles and laughter amongst our team members. A special mention for the “Pixel Challenge” – I think it was a brilliant exercise and the end product, the painting that we created as a team, is something we all are very proud of! A big thank you to the FocusU team for playing a key role in making our global strategic meet a grand success!”
Mukesh Soni
Vice President, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

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