The City Race Challenge

The Race with a difference!

Inspired by the popular TV show 'Amazing Race', this fast-paced team building event challenges teams to work together as they race together to cover the maximum number of points. This involves solving clues, completing challenge stations and completing humorous team tasks along the way, all with healthy doses of laughter thrown in.

The Incrediable Race
Incrediable Race Challenge

Highly customizable, the Incredible Race works well with forms of transportation ranging from public transport, scooters in Goa, auto rickshaws, chauffeured buses to your own feet. Whatever you end up choosing, your fun-filled program will effectively encourage team planning, communication, problem solving, strategic thinking and observation skills. The routes can be themed to include historic sites, major landmarks, and other places of interest. Or we could even design it in your company's own backyard. The most popular version though is when companies invite us to setup a trail in and around the resort where they are holding their conference / offsite.

The race is set up so that teams can choose those best suited to perform each task. This means nobody is forced to do anything they're not comfortable with, yet everyone gets the opportunity to try something new and challenging. Teams really have to pull together, communicate and rely on each other's strengths to emerge victorious. But teamwork has never been so fun and easy!

We have conducted The Incredible Race all over India - including a few themed ones like The Delhi City Race & The Churches of Goa. Every Race is set at a customised level of difficulty basis our discussion with our clients.

If you are looking for an exciting, outdoor team event - the Incredible Race is the ideal adventure for your team!


Download the City Race Challenge One Pager