Boom Chicka Boom Challenge!

What could you do with a hollow pipe?
What could you do with a hollow, colourful pipe?
What could you do with many hollow, colourful pipes?
What could you do with many hollow, colourful pipes, tuned to varying musical pitches?

Well, you get the idea!


Within minutes of passing the pipes around, the conference room transforms to a colourful mix of action and excitement. What starts out as noise and giggles, slowly transforms to rhythms and soon afterwards, it becomes an energizing orchestra that takes everyone along!

But what’s the fun without some challenge? After all, at FocusU our promise is to make Every Moment A Challenge for you!

That is where our Rhythm Facilitator comes in…

The pace and complexity builds up by degrees, and so does the excitement and the energy within the room. Participants are constantly surprised and elated at their own hidden prowess at making music!

This challenge forces the group to work as a collective to create an entire piece of music; rather than only looking at their individual beats, participants must listen to others’ parts to hear the music. And what is music without some singing and dancing? By the end of this challenge, we will have your team moving to the beat and singing along.

This challenge promises not only to turn each participant into a drummer, but also unify your entire group as a rhythm machine! This challenge is best done indoors, with teams of all sizes.

What could you do with a hollow pipe?

Come discover that with us today!

  • “We did a teambuilding program for our Global Team. We really could see a huge shift from the first day when people were hardly interacting with each other and post the program, we could see that members from all nationality were comfortably in interacting with each other and really did bond well. The FocusU team, through their structured, wonderful session really added a lot of fun and broke down invisible barriers. Also their logistic arrangement for material for activities is superb where we did not have to worry about anything.”
    Nitasha Rawat
    Talent Management Partner | SKF

Download the Boom Chicka Boom Challenge One Pager