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3 Ways to Encourage Ownership Mindset in Your Team

“Taking complete ownership of your outcomes by holding no one but yourself responsible for them is the most powerful thing you can do to drive success.”
– Gary W. Keller

One of the most recurring complaints in organisations is a lack of accountability on the part of employees. For example, being late for meetings, and justifying their behaviour with excuses like ‘the traffic was terrible’ or ‘my car broke down.’

A true culture of ownership comes when employees feel that they have an equal role in the company’s overall success. This creates an environment where your team is guided more by values than rules. Furthermore, this helps establish a clear connection between their actions and the company’s cumulative success.

A sense of ownership enables better decisions on your team’s part. They feel motivated to take better care of the clients, be creative, and encourages involvement in the overall success of the organisation. Feeling like they are part of a bigger picture can encourage job satisfaction.

As leaders, the easiest way to establish a sense of ownership is to avoid the blame game. Instead, encourage your team members to adapt an ownership mindset. Let’s look at three impactful ways to enable the same –

Stating the Obvious: Build Accountability

As a leader, you need to ensure that each team member has a clear sense of responsibility. Building an effective team does not mean that you need to micro manage everything. Instead, it means that employees feel responsible for their actions, with absolute ownership. All in all, creating an atmosphere of accountability is one of the best ways to harbor a mentality of ownership at the workplace.

Mistakes happen – allow them!

‘To err is human, to forgive divine.’

Leaders should create room for improvement with timely feed-forward on each team member’s performance. However, it is essential for companies to enable a safe space for teams to make, and own up their mistakes. This doesn’t mean that the mistakes go unnoticed. But, rather, mistakes made are looked upon as instances to learn from.

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As a leader, be compassionate about the inevitable mistakes so that your team is not hesitant to learn, experiment, and innovate with new concepts and ideas.

Define the end goals

When it comes to nurturing a culture of ownership, it is important to establish realistic and clear goals for the entire team. This further enables accountability. Also, as a leader, you being clear on the expectations from each team member will establish trust. This, in turn, will push your team to be committed to a collective singular vision. Trust is a fundamental part of ownership and the members who are given responsibility, take responsibility.

As a leader, if you do your best to help your team learn and grow, you will be surprised by what they can accomplish. A higher sense of ownership infused in the workforce not only results in unprecedented success, but also ensures a happy and satisfied workforce.

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