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Trust Simulation

Trust is hard to define, but we do know when it’s lost. When trust is present, things go well; but when trust is lost, the relationship is at risk. Naturally then, the ability to understand this powerful intangible element and practice building it, can be a big differentiator for individuals, teams and organizations.

FocusU in association with KNOLSKAPE brings the Trust simulation which is designed to provide scenarios for participants to influence and build trust with external stakeholders. It focuses on Relationship Styles, Power Maps, and Trust building capabilities. The simulation puts the participant in the role of an account manager who is required to gain the trust of a client and build a better relationship with the client than the competitor, to win a deal.

Relationship Styles help the participant understand what drives the stakeholder to be influenced, and Power Maps aid in identifying the relationships amongst the stakeholders.

By enabling participants to experience and work through such challenges which are as close to real life as possible, the simulation analytics and debrief sessions (optional) by the facilitators help participants in deriving great insight into the skill of building trust.

The simulation throws up useful analytics for individual participants that includes:
• Style Identification Capability
• Trust Meter
• Range of Relationship Styles

A few key parameters:

60-120 minutes (self-paced)

Time Limit


Where this can be run

Up to 25 per session

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is the Trust Simulation right for your team?

The simulation is specifically recommended for:
• First Time Managers
• High Potential Employees
• Middle Level Managers
• Senior Leaders

The competencies addressed by the simulation are:
• Collaboration
• Building Trust
• Relationship Styles
• Understanding Networks
• Client Centricity

The participant feedback for this simulation is compelling – with 93.15% participants saying they will recommend it to others. Here are a few snippets:

“Nail biting finish! Once social styles became clear, the game engaged me quite a lot. Networks and lobby also helped”

“Immersive; time flies; the concept gets drilled automatically”

“Realistic. Understanding each and every customer social style, follow up actions are all key to winning deals in real life”

“Understanding the importance of interpersonal relationship. Build relationship based on power map. Finding importance of matching personality, skills and centre of interest”

“Excellent real time presentation”

“It will help in channelization of communication and help in understand the Project Management skills”

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