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1. Can creativity really be taught?

2. Is creativity & innovation just about throwing up a lot of ideas?

3. How can a creativity & innovation workshop help the participants on a daily basis?

The above three are the key questions we have sought to answer while designing our workshop for participants around the topic of creativity and innovation. The workshop is based on the work of Roger Von Oech, often referred to as one of the Gurus in the field of creativity.

The core philosophy behind these workshops is as below:

Very few people think of themselves as creative or innovative. However, Creativity and Innovation – while seen as “Problem solving techniques” are much more relevant and imbued in the Indian psyche. Thus the Indian “Jugaad”.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. However, most of us generally tend to get stuck in our idea generation, to tried & tested patterns that lock our thinking. Left brain thinking which relies on logic, analytics, precision, seem to be predominant in the organizational milieu. However, as an overwhelming evidence of examples and anecdotes have shown us, right brain thinking for individuals and organizations can be richly rewarding. And unlike the popular perception that “to be creative” you need to be “eccentric, wild or gifted”, most often people only need to be guided to think in a certain way – for them to open their mental locks.

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The hallmark of creative people is their mental flexibility. They are able to shift in and out of different types of thinking depending on the needs of the situation at hand. Largely, this is encompassed by 4 main roles, each of which embodies a different type of thinking. These roles being: Explorer / Artist / Judge & Warrior.

The workshop hence uses these 4 metaphors as a framework, basis which the participants will be guided onto and made aware of the different kinds of thinking.

To contextualize the whole experience for the participants, the workshop is setup around existing issues & challenges at the workplace – which may be centered around the business, the people issues, the competitive situation or any external situation they are facing.

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  • "FocusU organized our first offsite in 2013. That they were the obvious choice for our second offsite in 2014 speaks for the impact they had made with their first.

    The Facilitators were amazing. Their affable personality and strong communication skills ensure a great connect with the participants thus leading to a universal participation. They have the ability to connect the content and activities to the unique challenges faced by the team thus making the content all the more relevant. Their passion & commitment rubs on the rest of the team too. It’s not about the content or activities. Those can be replicated by others. It’s what the FocusU team does with them which makes the experience so special. It’s a pleasure partnering with the FocusU team. We wish them all the best."
    Tanmaya Vats
    Vice President & Head, PepsiCo Global Value Innovation Center