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Why Workplace Training Is Important?

According to a study, 40% of employees with poor training tend to leave their jobs within the first year of joining. Meanwhile, another research finds that the companies that give importance to employee training and invest in that enjoy 24% higher profit margin in contrast to those who don’t invest in employee training.

But what does training and development mean to your organization?

Training is an integral part of the HR department of almost all organizations. Be it classroom training, online learning modules, or training during offsite, job-related training holds key importance.

In today’s ever-changing work environment, employee training is an indispensable way to upskill your employees and keep your organization competitive.

Job specific employee training programs enable organizations to enhance the skill of employees and help repair any weak links that may exist in them.

Now as we understand the importance of training at the workplace, let’s look at some of its key benefits.

Increased Employee Morale

If employees get proper, timely training, it will improve their job skills which in turn will help to reduce employee dissatisfaction at work, control absenteeism, as well as increase their interest in the projects they are handling. Heightened morale can also result in increased loyalty to the organization.

Reduced Employee Supervision

After proper training, an employee can work effectively and efficiently without the need for any supervision and guidance of the manager. It can help solve two purposes. First, it helps develop an ownership mindset in the employees as now they are more confident to take up any job efficiently. Secondly, it gives more free time to managers to focus on critical jobs as they don’t have to spend unproductive hours on regular supervision.

Increased Employee Productivity

According to a survey, if there is an increase in employee training by 10%, it will lead to an increase in their productivity by 8.6%. It shouldn’t be wrong to say that if there is an enhancement in the skills of employees, their productivity will certainly increase. To put it simply, a skilled employee will be better qualified to perform any task in an efficient and timely manner as compared to an unskilled employee.

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