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How Can Social Media Generate Positive Employee Engagement?

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The social media has undeniably transformed the entire world including human beings. A recent study says, more than 80% of the Americans have their social media profiles and spend around two hours daily on social media. While the organizations today are not using social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook directly to engage their employees, they are using these social media channels for internal communication and training purposes.

Let’s dig deeper to understand how can organizations leverage social media platforms to boost employee engagement.

Employee Voice

The voice of an employee is quite a crucial driver of employee engagement. It is actually a tendency of an employee to put forward his/her individual views and opinions about the work, colleagues and the organization. When the employees are engaged, they are more likely to share the content and talk about the organization in a positive manner thereby spreading its brand message. The employees of a firm can actually be transformed into one of the biggest social advocates if encouraged appropriately.

Making Connections

Organizations can create an employee-dedicated private group or thread, and then encourage employees to like or join that group. By creating a platform where employees can get updates and information they need to be successful in an organization is one way to achieve greater engagement.


When a company allows its employees to post ideas and comments about projects on social media channels, it helps them to work together, seek and render advice and also helps them develop a sense of what the other team members are working on. This nurtures a collaborative work environment in an organization where members of a team communicate and work together for the realization of a common goal.

Celebrating Achievements

Another way to boost employee engagement through social media is via recognition. Employees can feel disengaged and demotivated in the absence of regular feedback or recognition on a job well done. Social media makes recognition a simple, streamlined, and archivable task for managers and leaders. It can act as a medium for providing quick and effective feedback to an employee and for others to see how individuals in the organization are making a difference.

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If implemented effectively, social media can be a highly successful internal engagement tool, fostering creativity and innovation, idea generation and knowledge sharing across teams and departments. Organizations should start investing in social media for internal communication if they want to bring about positive change in the attitude and behavior of their employees, and encourage better communication and collaboration.

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