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5 Tips for HR Managers to Improve Employee Engagement at Work

A study by Gallup says that 87 percent of employees worldwide are disengaged, which is not at all a good sign. We all know that employee engagement is critical for the success of any organization. “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace,” says Doug Conant. What should HR managers do to engage employees?

Here are five simple tips that can ensure you have a happy and engaged workforce.

Put Everyone in the Right Role:

Pick the right talent and make sure to use his or her capabilities wisely. This requires HR managers to streamline the candidate selection process. For example, a person might be good at some skill or task but could feel miserable while doing other tasks. The role of the HR manager is to identify the skills in a particular individual and put him or her in the right role. If a person loves what he or she does, chances are less that he or she will feel disengaged.

Create a Culture of Development:

It is time for HR managers to move beyond employee satisfaction surveys and create a culture of development and not a performance-obsessed one by providing employees with flexible learning and development opportunities. For example, you can arrange for e-learning modules or classroom training sessions. Experiential learning programs can also play a significant role. First, such sessions educate through the first-hand experience and second, they are engaging because they don’t follow traditional academic classroom training methods and seek the participation and involvement of employees throughout. Let your employees choose their career paths. HR managers should act as coaches and help employees advance on their chosen career paths.

Promote from Within the Organization:

One of the most traditional but most effective means of rewarding a hardworking employee is to promote that person. I.e. one step up in the career ladder. “People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.” These lines by Bob Nelson sum it up nicely. Although we all work for money, timely recognition, praise, and rewards can encourage us to go that extra mile.

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Provide Constant Feedback:

We all try to do our jobs in the most efficient manner. Imagine you have employees who are doing a great job but are lacking in some areas. A little feedback and direction could help them improve in the areas they are lacking. The right kind of feedback at the right time can help employees do their jobs smarter, better, and even faster. Above all, they will feel happy and satisfied once they find a better and more efficient way of doing things.

Arrange Activities to Promote Team Building:

HR managers should arrange for teambuilding activities at the workplace. Such activities not only help improve employee skills and promote teamwork but also encourage employees to unite and focus around a common organizational goal. For starters, HR managers can plan a 30-40-minute activity every month around themes such as communication, problem solving, decision-making, adaptability, and trust building. Physical activity like sport or yoga could be an alternative way to encourage team bonding.

There is no talisman for improving employee engagement at the workplace. These simple tips can help HR managers create an engaging and conducive environment for employees to learn, grow, and most importantly, stay happy and satisfied. Employee engagement is the first step towards building a happy workforce.

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