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20 Themes For Your Next Corporate Event

Choosing the right theme / tagline for your corporate event can be a tricky affair. In our experience, it is good to choose ones that have a linkage with your future priorities and are easily relatable for the entire group. Here are a few that we have seen that have clicked with the groups we have worked with –

1. “Back To The Future”

If you are going through an organizational change/digital transformation effort eyeing the future, then this is a good option. It brings alive images of sci fi, possibilities, and achieving impossible things in the future. A good team building exercise that connects with the theme is our digital experience,The Escape Gaming Challenge

2. “Be Extraordinary”

This is a great option when you want to push for a change in mindset and help people develop faith in going after ambitious goals. Be can also be spelt as B.E. and a catchy acronym added (For example Belief. Execution) to drive home sub points.

The Chain Reaction Challenge is a good fit as a team exercise with this theme. 

3. “Beyond All Limits”

If your business has been growing at a steady pace and you are taking on an ambitious goal which is being announced at your next event, this theme is a perfect fit. It pushes people to acknowledge that the limits in our mind are the first things that need to go, to achieve the goal.

The Sailing Challenge is a fascinating team exercise that can be paired with this theme. 

4. “Dream, Dare, Deliver!”

This is one of our all-time favourites because of the sheer versatility. It can go well in the context of aligning to a vision, courage, execution and many other such values. If you are unveiling a long term vision, then this is a great choice as the event tagline.

The Jigsaw Challenge can be a great way to unveil the theme/vison as part of a memorable team experience.

5. “Breaking Barriers”

If your business has been going through a tough time and the morale is low, this theme could be used to lift up spirits and unshackle mental barriers. It can also be used in the context of aiming for something which has not been done in your business or industry so far.

We have used the Domino Challenge as a powerful team building exercise linked to the same theme. 

6. “Everything Counts”

There are times when the focus is on cost cutting and resource optimization. This theme is a perfect fit for those times. Our learning program, Doing more with Less is a great addon for such an event. 

7. “Power of ONE“

During times of organisational change, when different departments get merged, it is important to drive home the message of common goals and vision. ‘The Power of ONE’ theme can be used to reinforce the official change process.

The team building exercise, Pixel Challenge helps teams to live this in a real manner in a powerful experiential format. This can also be further customized by creating an acronym for ONE (For example Ownership, New ideas, Execution). 

8. “One Team, One Goal!”

For a companywide offsite, where the messaging is around the feeling of one team and vision, this is a classic fit. And, when coupled with a team building exercise like the Pushpin Challenge, it can help reinforce the same message. 

9. “Higher, Faster, Stronger!”

Inspired from the Olympics tagline, this is a great option if you work in a very competitive industry and need to inspire teams to win against competition on a daily basis.

The Team Olympics is a natural choice as a team building exercise that reinforces the theme. 

10. “Moving To Mastery”

Achieving operational excellence and building capability is a priority now for organizations. If you are planning a functional offsite, where the participants are experts in their field (like supply chain, finance etc), moving to mastery can be a good option to consider.

Mastery needs mindfulness, and the Mandala Challenge can be used as a good team exercise in these events.

11. “Winning With Purpose”

Purpose led organisations are coming of age. Brands need to move beyond the traditional corporate metrics and make people believe in their missions.

Choosing a CSR Team Building Exercise like the Velocipede Challenge in such an event would be an engaging way to drive home this point. 

12. “Play To Win”

If winning in the marketplace is in the DNA of your team, look no further for an event theme! We have seen this to be a popular choice for sales and marketing events.

One of our popular offerings, the Geocaching Challenge is a powerful way to live this theme during the event. 

13. “May the F.O.R.C.E be with you!”

Other than the super cool Star Wars reference, we love this also for its versatility! For a recent conference, we had a client use FORCE as an abbreviation to emphasize some of their key priorities (Focus, Ownership, Resilience. Collaboration, Execution).

The War Machine Challenge is a good team building exercise to go with this theme. 

14. “Power UP!”

If you are experiencing a phase of high growth or are planning for the same, this theme demonstrates the mindset needed to succeed. It is especially popular for events in the start-up world, where organization are scaling rapidly and planning hyper growth. The Egyptian Challenge acts a good metaphor to experience this phenomenon. 

15. “Top Gun”

This is a great option if you are organising an event for your top performers or high potentials. And the fact that you can generate abbreviations for each letter of the two words makes it even more interesting as an option (TOP could be Teamwork, Ownership, Purpose for example).

Coupling a CSR exercise with a theme like this is usually a good fit.

16. “We C.A.N! (Collective Action Now)”

This is one of our favourites for the simplicity and versatility of it! The C.A.N be abbreviated in different ways as per the business priorities (For example, Customer, Align, Nimble). It also sends a powerful message on the power of collective collection.

The Juggernaut Challenge has been used many a times as part of an event with the same theme. 

17. “Inspire, Integrate, Innovate”

If you want a theme that links purpose, innovation and collaboration across departments, then this is a superb fit! Many a times, these three themes are very interlinked and relevant for organizations while planning their annual priorities. The 3 ‘I’ format makes it easy to remember too.

The Cook Off Challenge can help your teams live each of these elements in a fun, experiential format. 

18. “Dream T.E.A.M”
(Team, Excellence, Action, Mission)

Dream Team is very closely linked to the metaphors of teamwork and winning. If building a high-performance team is one of your key priorities, this would be a good choice for your next team event.

The Dockyard Challenge could be a fun way to experience some of the key tents of building a successful team as part of the event. 

19. “A.C.C.E.lerate”
(Customer centricity, Cost Consciousness, Execution) 

We love this one, because of the variations it can throw up. Accelerate fits beautifully also when you want to emphasize high growth rates, leaving competition behind etc.

The Supercar Challenge is a good fit as a team exercise with the same theme. 

20. “All R.I.S.E“ / “RISE Up!”

This is one of our absolute favourites! With the innumerable permutations that we can generates with RISE as an abbreviation, it can be used across industries and themes. In addition to linkages to the metaphors of lifting each other’s spirits and business ambitions, RISE can also be used to deliver sub messages (for example, Resilience, Inspire, Simplify, Execute).

The Larger than Life Challenge could be a way to tell stories about the theme and drive home finer points. 


Do join the conversation by sharing your own favourite event themes.


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