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What NOT TO DO For Corporate Offsites

In today’s day and age, businesses often focus primarily on making their clients happy, which is essential of course, but more often than not, they forget about their most valued asset – employees. Without their combined efforts and hardworking approach, a business cannot reach the apex of its formation. Team offsites are a great and helpful way to boost employee morale, invoke open communications, and induce better relationships, which ultimately leads to a higher productivity level and enhanced quality of work.

However, to yield the benefits of this successful activity, it is essential to plan and execute it properly. Many organisations fail to induce the expected results because they fail to understand a few important parameters vital to having a great team offsite event.

Here are a few DON’TS of corporate offsites that you should keep in mind:

  1. Create extreme events:

    Don’t create events that might be physically too demanding for any of your team members because it could lead to non-participation of a few members and them being left out of the event. This is precisely the opposite of what team offsites are all about. Choose the physical activities that have the right level of fitness and comfort and ensure that everyone is included.

  2. Make the event all about work:

    This is a big no-no! Yes, at some point, you would discuss team performance and share plans for the coming months. However, make sure not to stick the entire event to business only. It will prove to be enormously beneficial instead if you can have this discussion a few days before hosting the team off-site and devote the majority of the time in team building activities, brainstorming ideas, and letting the employees gain a deeper understanding of each other. This will result in better teamwork and enhanced work performance of the team, both offsite and onsite.

  3. Have the offsite event in your office:

    Avoid this! If you have the budget, plan the event any place distant from the office. If you don’t, try to find an area as far from the office building as possible. This is important to ensure the best results from your team offsite. Your employees need to be away from the workplace so that they can focus and clear their minds from the usual work-related affairs. After all, the saying “A calm mind is a creative mind, and a creative mind is going to bring a lot of success into your life” holds a lot of relevance.

  4. Stick to boring activities:

    Once you’ve planned the venue and other details, don’t forget to focus on the team building activities. There are many innovative and fun activities that you can get on board with. One thing that is known to work well is having the members create something as a team from scratch such as the Velocipede Challenge.

Have a look at these exciting activities that are high on fun as well as learning!

Team building enables better communication and understanding which leads to overall increased productivity. Exposing your team members to new experiences will force them to think outside the box and foster creativity. Now you know what NOT to do, so you can better plan what to do!

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