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4 Things Employees Expect At An Offsite

4 Things Employees Expect At An Offsite
The offsite is the most anticipated event for any organization. The organization aims at aligning people and the organization’s vision, while employees expect a break from their routine. Both of the parties have their own expectation of an offsite; some are fulfilled and some are not. Let me share the four things employees expect at an offsite –

1.What’s in it for me!
question markThe organization has its own agenda while driving the offsite, but it is beneficial to ask the employees what they expect as well. One of the things employees want to know is what is in it for them: how are their actions contributing to the vision of the organization, what learning opportunities will be available to them for the coming year, how many opportunities of growth will come by, and how can they make a difference!

What to do – While making the flow of your next offsite, step into shoes of the employees and think of what they would expect from the offsite. Develop the offsite plan wearing an employee hat.

2.Knowing colleagues:
gamesDuring the offsite there is time planned by the organization to share their vision for the next year, plans of implementation, financial figures, etc. But it is not only about data, figures, and presentations, rather it is about employees breaking the barriers, dropping their guards, and knowing each other better.

What to do – Plan a half/full day session for team building activities, games, and simulations so that employees see another side of their teammates and know each other better. Why – when employees know each other they develop trusting relationships.

Time-offGoing to an offsite and still talking business? This is a major turn off for employees if they have to work on an offsite and talk business then why travel so far! The offsite is an opportunity for spending time reflecting on self-growth and having fun. It is about exploring local places and getting a new experience outside the city.

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What to do – Keep some empty slots during the day/s of the offsite, with no agenda. The employees can chose to do whatever they want, they can explore the place, reflect about life, or swim.

4.Good location and stay:
location and stayThe first couple of questions that come to mind when employees talk about an offsite is – “Where are we going?” and “Where are we staying?” Being frugal while planning an offsite can cause more loss than savings. There is no fun staying at a shady place and struggling for basic hygiene necessities like a clean room, a safe resort, and good food.

What to do – Plan the entire trip with a perspective of planning a holiday for your family. If possible visit the place one month in advance and check for comfortable travel, stay, and food. Last but not the least check for the weather conditions (no point going to a desert in peak summer).

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Need more tips for planning your next offsite? Write in the message box below and I will help you design a flow for your offsite!

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