3 Strategies to Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

Bruce Lee - revered martial artist, actor and filmmaker

All of us have our own set of fears and the thought of staying away from our fears ties us down to a comfort zone. Feeling fearful is a fairly natural phenomenon. However, what you do right after overpowering fear catapults you towards either achievements or failures. Always remember, magic happens when you go beyond your comfort zone.

This requires tonnes of pushing oneself into uncomfortable territories. You can get better at this push by constantly working on it, similarly you can get a muscular body – you only have to give it regular workouts. When you move out of your comfort zone in one area, it automatically creates ripple effects in other areas of life too! It all starts with your mind and your will.

Bruce Lee - revered martial artist, actor and filmmaker

Here is a 3-Step blueprint that can help you pushing your limits and achieve your dream goals.


1. Know What’s Bothering You!

Dont fear failure

One of my friends wasn’t able to follow a health regime as he found it extremely difficult to get up before the sun. It took him a board-breaking session to realize that he could get up late and still hit his workout schedule. The idea is to kick-start the engine first. You have to think about what’s bothering you. Is it ill health, stinky finance, an irregular job, cold relationships, or any other doomed thing on this earth? Know it well to handle it well! Always remember, it will work only if you want it to work!

2. Get Better First – Being Good Can Come Later

Get Better First - Being Good Can Come Later

The understated reason of our ‘bother list’ is the Know-Do Gap. We all know the ways to overcome what bothers us. However, knowing doesn’t solve the problems, doing does. Doing becomes enormous when we determine to settle for nothing less than the best in what we do. At the start, the key to better health is not about running a marathon, but it is about running 200 meters more than you did last time. And, just by doing this you will get that push and see yourself touching the marathon’s finish line. Just pick up one area of your life and get better at it.


3. Feel You Are Already There
Feel You Are Already There

When we make people walk on fire, we often tell them that they have to just prepare their mind to take the first step and the body will automatically follow. It all starts in the mind! Each time, when you thrash your comfort zone there is something else that snowballs. Your brain creates a new neural highway that communicates ‘it is possible’ to the rest of your body and prepares you to take on the next set of challenges. When you get better at one area of life, celebrate! Share your achievement with people around you and immediately pick up the next task. Each cheer will prepare you to spill this success over other areas of your life. If you can win once, you can win again. Just feel all you need is within you now!