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The Rhythm Challenge

“Imagine a rural village community gathered around a fire under a star-filled night sky. You hear a driving beat and see dancers moving to the rhythms. People of all ages are clapping, tapping, and playing drums, rattles, and bells. The whole circle is a thriving, pulsing community beat. Like smoke rising from the fire, everyone’s spirits are being uplifted, as they are smiling, releasing, connecting, playing, healing…

The drum circle could have taken place centuries ago in a tribal village, or last week in a community park. We tend to think of rhythm as a tool of entertainment and performance. But in ancient times, music and rhythm were primarily tools for supporting a community’s well-being.”

The above write-up from Christine Stevens book Music Medicine, succinctly sums up the power, the mystery and the charm of Drum Circles as it applies to communities and teams.

FocusU now brings to you this ancient tradition – in your own corporate setting.

If you are like most corporate teams, you might have a handful of people familiar with music and hence by inference, a large majority who would find the thought of making music very scary! But that’s precisely the reason why Drum Circles work so well as a team experience.

Our experienced Rhythm Facilitators will take your team through the basics of drum circles – from how to strike the drum, to playing as a group, to full scale jamming. This challenge is intended to ignite your team and let them overcome insecurities through the power of music. The physicality of playing combined with the sheer volume of a drum circle allows all participants a chance to step out of their daily lives and embrace a new experience. Help your team feel the power of the drums and the power of themselves.

Drum circles also open up windows of conversation where participants get to share their learning and their experiences, as they go through it. Various themes around team work, synergizing with others, being good leaders and good followers, and the value of dissent can all be captured experientially.

This challenge, set in time spaces of 45 – 90 minutes, is good for groups of various sizes, including small intimate groups to large 300+ groups and can be set up indoors or ideally outdoors. It can also be run virtually! See the video below.
A must do experience for all teams – do challenge your team to try it out!

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"Without a shadow of a doubt, it was one of the finest team building event, I have experienced & same was the reaction from the participants too. Our facilitators were impressed & had high feedback for your team. Thanks to the entire team for giving us such a memorable experience ."
Sunanda Gulati
Learning and Development Head | NXP Semiconductors

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