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The Domino Rally Challenge

One for all – All for one

The “Domino effect” is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. It typically refers to the cascading effect happening due to changes in one part of the system.

The Domino effect is a wonderful metaphor to talk about what happens in organizations and teams – where both good attitudes and the bad ones have a tendency to cascade.

But what is a challenge – without the fun! With the world record standing at approximately 4.3 million pieces toppled, FocusU aims to bring the challenge now to our participants. The effort and time put into creating a Domino Effect art piece is tremendous, requiring immense planning and teamwork. No rules, no boundaries, no limit! This is to drive home the feeling that – “what you can imagine, you can create”!

Interestingly, the emotional experience that participants go through while creating the Domino Effect art piece, is similar to their everyday interactions with one another. From being patient, to learning tolerance; from understanding one another, to working together; from planning the big picture, to executing the individual construction; every single step requires precise action from everyone. Just bear in mind, every single action you take, can trickle downwards, and start a chain reaction, a Domino Effect!

The grand finale which involves toppling of the first brick – which then goes on and on till the euphoric finale is reached makes every participant to hold their breaths – and reach an emotional release!

If you are looking for an intense indoor team event, that sparks interesting conversations about the domino effect that each member and each division can have on your team – The Domino Rally Challenge is the perfect challenge for your team!

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Mumbai Marathon, FocusU helped to facilitate Standard Chartered Bank successfully run a non-stop domino rally, called The Domino Rally Challenge! where 42 of the Bank’s employees toppled 14,541 dominos at their cafeteria on Jan 18, 2013. This created a new India record under the Amateur category for a non-stop Domino rally.

“Would you like your team to get into The Limca Book of Records too? Get in touch with us today.”

"The FocusU Team facilitated 2 four day management cum fun, pan company offsites. They were absolutely fabulous! They didn’t just overcome our initial apprehensions about such outdoor learning programs, their achievements went beyond our expectations. They helped achieve all our defined objectives: create employee connect with our strategy, vision rollout, facilitate meaningful team and pan company relationships and have A LOT of fun! Each activity they proposed turned out to be a success. The Domino activity was a particular favourite of all - it was fascinating to see a two hour activity bring out the best, and worst, in people. That made the self reflections very valuable. It is easily one of the most impactful group learning experiences. The entire Focus team was completely committed from day one. They are very thorough and professional, have a great can-do attitude and gelled very well with all levels of people in our organization. They have a great company DNA and its been a pleasure working with them. Focus, we are looking forward to engaging you again. Wish you all the best."
Siddharth Suri
Director, Impulse India

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