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WhyA Leader Is Defined By The People He Inspires?

Think of a great Indian leader. Does the name Mahatma Gandhi come to mind? It’s true that one of the most eminent leaders the country has ever seen is our beloved ‘Bapu’ – The Father of the Nation!

Why? Let us explore together!

Amongst the many that led the freedom struggle, Bapu not only influenced the ones who followed him, but he also empowered individuals to influence many others. An inspiration to all, his life principles of truth, determination, perseverance, non-violence, the inclusion of all, and more, are an image of his influential persona.

Don’t wonder why we are talking about Gandhiji. Well, Independence Day just went by, and we thought we should learn something from the life of Gandhiji and implement it – this time in our professional lives.

We all know that Bapu was a great leader but can we say that a leader is great only if others follow him devotedly? We have always heard that to be a great leader, one must first become a good follower! Similarly, a leader is great only if they have followers who get inspired and influenced by them.

It’s time to think if you have transformed into a leader or you if are still on your journey from manager to leader.

What are the traits of a leader whom people want to follow?

  • They have a vision
  • They consider the team as ‘one’
  • They don’t micromanage
  • They believe in freedom of action and opinion for all
  • They are innovative and creative
  • They believe in action, not expression

A leader is a beacon or a guiding hand to their followers in many ways. An inspirational influencer, an honest human, an individual with integrity, a fervent follower, and a diligent devotee, are some the many traits that followers seek in their leaders. Give them belief, and they will give their faith – that is when a manager becomes a leader!

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Make your employees your fans and you will see a transformation in no time. The freedom battle was no magic; it was a struggle in which many took part and worked in unity because the influence that guided them empowered them to fight and win!

You too can! In the words of Brian Tracy, “The effective leader recognizes that they are more dependent on their people than they are on them. Walk Softly!”

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