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The Tiny Mistake that Kills Companies

In the airline industry the most critical factor is safety. This is such a high-risk business and even the slightest mistake can lead to havoc that may cost many lives. That’s why airline companies, in addition to the government, can’t afford any mistakes. Despite the highest regard for safety, the industry is still susceptible to mishaps. Many aircrafts and lives have been destroyed in devastating accidents. However, there is one thing that makes this industry stand apart. Those in the airline business don’t let any misfortune fade from memory until they find the root cause of the accident and learn from their mistakes.

make mistakes and learn from them

Each and every airplane comes equipped with a ‘Black Box’ that records everything that happens during the fly time. This black box certainly cannot save that particular crashing plane but it can very well save a lot of other people and other planes. The information that comes from the black box of a destroyed airplane is vigorously shared with other agencies that understand its value. This information is treasured across different companies, countries, and localities.

The most shocking part of some survey reports is that in most of these cases a microscopic mistake is the main reason for massive loss. That’s why the airline industry is constantly paranoid about their possible mistakes. They review their guidelines, processes, aircrafts, and safety measures time and again, not only to enhance the quality but to eradicate even the smallest problem that led or could lead to an accident. Even after hundreds of flights an aircraft goes through 15 rigorous checks before it is cleared to fly.

In the corporate world, it is similar to discussing a failed project with co-workers and ensuring that the barriers to success are removed before anyone else tries and fails in the same way.

dominoe game

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Not long ago Focus facilitated an Indian bank’s entry into the Limca Book of Records using the The Domino Challenge. This record is for making their logo using a specified number of Domino chips. This team’s happiness, energy, cheering, and clapping was consistent throughout the event. Does this mean that the team never failed? Certainly not! They failed at least 500 times during the initial sessions. However, they never considered those downfalls as failures. After each session we sat together to discuss each and every chip that was wrongly placed in the larger design. These discussions were not taken lightly and weren’t easy for anyone, but it was essential to sit together and discuss both the progress and the problems. When the design was stuck at a crucial point, a team member confessed that he noticed an out-of-place chip in the design and thought it would never make a difference. However, that one single chip killed the entire project during the trial phase.

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tinny mistake

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There is a tiny mistake that many companies make that leads to severe failure. This mistake is not about not noticing the errors in their products, processes, people, etc., but in fact the biggest mistake is the idea that even the tiniest mistake is too small to make a significant impact. Do think about that one single chip that can be the reason for destruction of your entire business! Let’s connect to discover and correct the chip that could shake your entire existence.

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