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The Power of Belief

All around us we see people talking about the power of ‘Belief’. Hundreds of writers write books & blogs on the same topic. There is definitely a buzz happening for the same thing. This is a great sign that there are plenty of people who are experiencing the powers of belief. In Johann Wolfgang’s words – ‘Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen’.

But how does it work? For many of us it is not practical to get success without all the right ingredients. Then, how would ‘believing’ help us to achieve whatever we want. Isn’t it like trying to be happy when you don’t see any reason to be happy?

But have you ever thought that what does it take to get the happiness or success or the satisfaction that we want?

Answer is ‘Just one thought’! Yes, it actually takes just one thought to achieve anything that we want. And, then the magic starts. Let’s dig a little deeper into the topic.

lego emojisHow do we catch unhappiness?

In fact, we don’t even catch it from outside, we generate it within. To be unhappy (even when you have any reason for it) you just need to follow a certain body language, tell certain things to yourself in a particular tone. Repeat it for 3-4 times a day and that’s it. You’ll certainly be unhappy person. Now, you will notice that all of a sudden you’ll start getting lot of reasons to support the inner feeling of unhappiness. Just because you wanted it, now your brain will eagerly be looking out for more reasons to make you unhappy.

The best part about this whole process is – it works both ways. Just think about it, If you can create unhappiness this way, then why not the feeling that you want! It could be happiness, success, winning or even outshining. It reminds me of the famous line by Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either ways you are right.”

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One of the best examples in this context would be – what is called as “The Placebo effect”.

A Placebo pill is a medicine that doesn’t have any medicinal powers – it is just a sugar pill. Yet, millions of people across the globe are getting rid of their illnesses with the help of this special medicine. So, is it the medicine that is treating them? Absolutely not. This is their own power of belief that is helping them to overcome their problems without any medicinal powers. Isn’t that just magical and powerful at the same time?

Just imagine what could happen if we could get ourselves to build a strong ‘Belief’ for anything that we want to achieve. There will be an unstoppable force which will help us to achieve what we dream of. It will definitely bring out the best version of us. As Paulo Coelho said in the Alchemist, “When you want something badly, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

We run a workshop called The Alchemist Challenge. One of the activities in this challenge is for two people to bend a metal rod, the two ends of which are kept at their necks. To build the motivation for the activity though, we ask participants to write down their deepest desires on a slip of paper, which then supports the rod at the other end. Hence metaphorically, when they walk ahead pushing the metal bar against their neck – they are walking towards what matters most to them. It is an interesting activity that challenges the “belief” that people have – in themselves, in the Facilitator, in what is being told and in their own deepest desires. Yes, there is an underlying science that supports this activity, but being told so – does not make the task any easier. And therin lies the challenge.

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The Holy Bible has a verse that says: “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”. There is a deep wisdom and magic in those words, waiting to be discovered by each one of us – that can truly transform our lives.

Can you believe that?


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