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Speak carefully because YOU are listening!

In The Alchemist Challenge, we talk about 3 fears that bind our supreme potential. One of them is Negative Influence. This is indeed a very engaging subject. The moment we ask our participants to think about it, the examples flow in thick and fast. It is not at all because any of them are negative. It is perhaps because major part of our social, political & personal atmosphere is negative. Starting from colleagues’ gossips to news’ headlines – most part of the news is either about cribbing or complaining about something or somebody.

As we all know that our body, atmosphere or even this universe is made of different energies & elements. That means whatever energy we throw out, goes into the big pool where we all take our energy from. The not so happy part is, more negative energy we all generate, more we catch.


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So certainly, the Negative energy is in the air, just imagine how much of negativity do we catch on a daily basis? Even though we try so hard but still, we end up catching a lot of negativity. This newly accumulated dark energy locked inside us keeps draining our POSITIVE energy source. It is like having a power battery with a continuous leakage that keeps discharging your battery.

Every day we watch many videos, we read lot of messages and we hear lot of stories that remind us to STAY POSITIVE. All of this works in our favour to act as a toll gate for all the negative sources. But the problem is that, the moment this gate is opened, all the ‘not so positive’ thoughts come back into our head.

So the point is how can we really stop these negative points/influences.

But before solving this complex puzzle, we need to dive deep into ourselves to know the actual reason of all of this. Now, the main question that arises is : Who is really affecting our energy?

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Let me share a story with you : This is just any other Monday on work, most of the things are close to perfect. Monday report, last week’s target, all the meetings, Sid was shining everywhere. Not only that, today morning Sid got a Breakthrough idea that can change the fortune of his own life & his organisation. He got up pretty early to reach office, everything is so positive & full of energy around him. After waiting for a few minutes that looked like a thousand years, he finally saw his supreme boss entering the office to experience his breakthrough idea at first hand.

Sid is so excited as he shares the IDEA with his boss. But what is this, right before Sid could enter his boss’s room, he just recalled his last discussion with his boss. The day when his boss wasn’t very happy with Sid’s performance, the day when whatever Sid did went wrong.

Now he is thinking that his boss might reject his current idea. “May be this idea isn’t very big. I don’t think so that it is going to work. May be my boss has already heard this idea from someone else.” Sid tells himself.

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This little conversation just doesn’t detonate his special day but shatters all the positivity he had in himself. Sid also pays attention to his body language – dropped shoulders, head sinking down, shallow breathing and very sad tone. He anyways decides to go and share his idea with his boss. Now for some reason, the boss isn’t very convinced his idea and suggests for him to make some changes in that.

“See I told you that it won’t work”, Sid’s inner voice says to him.

Now everything in front of him seems so different. And now all the energy that was so positive around him has turned into darkness.

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Just imagine if you are at Sid’s place, what kind of efforts you would put in your idea to make it work. Especially when every point in your body & brain is generating negative energy. You would certainly not put your 100% with that kind of energy. And, then the vicious circle will start.

Negative energy will not generate positive results and those not so positive result will surely boost your negative energy.

That’s why it is extremely important to be careful of what You are saying because You are listening. And, most of us mistakenly believe that it is somebody else or some circumstances that make us behave negative. But the fact is it is not coming from anywhere outside. It is generating within us.

In The Alchemist Challenge workshop we coach individuals & corporate teams to break this vicious circle of negativity and move towards positive life to achieve better & bigger results.

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