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Reed Manch Exhibitions | Leadership Development


Reed Manch Exhibitions | Leadership Development


To take the whole team through an immersive learning experience that would help all participants answer the question: “What is Everyday Leadership” and how does one exhibit it in their behaviors?


The workshop was carefully designed keeping the profile of all the participants in mind. We were clear that we did not want to introduce any esoteric Leadership model that participants wouldn’t relate to. Hence the whole intervention was designed around The Leadership Challenge construct.

Instead of introducing a new theory, we started by asking participants to list down their own “Best leadership experience ever” regardless of whether it was in their corporate work at office or anywhere else – at home, school, college or public life. From the stories that naturally emerged, we put brought to life the “Five behaviors of exemplary leaders.”

The workshop brought home the point for participants that – Leadership is for everyone. It is not the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women. Leadership is actually a process ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others. It highlighted to everyone that they could make extraordinary things happen by liberating the leader within themselves.

Through an immersive workshop experience that involved a mixture of introspection, discussion, debate, sharing of experiences, stories from around the world and experiential activities, FocusU brought to life the paradigm of Leadership in a language so simple that it made a difference to all participants who embarked on this enthralling journey.


Here is what Anuj Mathur, the Managing Director of Reed Manch Exhibitions had to say about the whole intervention:

“The Leadership workshop helped all of us to take a step back and analyse ourselves on the kind of leadership traits we have and that we don’t have. How we could all become better leaders and help others grow along with us. It has been the most effective workshop for multiple levels in our organization. It helped our Leaders shine. It focused on how leaders can put their thoughts together in a more efficient manner, take ownership and be united with the team . The training has been extremely beneficial, our people are more oriented and have a clear vision on how to work with their teams seamlessly to deliver best results. We got coached on “One Team One Dream” vision which really helped the staff to be on the same page while performing tasks. The fun quotient mixed with the tasks made it an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.”

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