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JUSTIN TRUDEAU: The Leadership Heartthrob

Justin Trudeau, the latest heartthrob in world politics, is making everyone drool over his style. He is the 23rd Prime Minster of Canada, listed on the Forbes 100 most powerful people (2016), and one of the hottest heads of the state in the entire world. (For those who don’t know such a thing exists, check it out here.)

Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, Leadership style

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/video_previews/4/0/40ywxzote6d9anjjelxqjw683bbxtwcg-large.jpgWhen I shared his story in a workshop, I got the complete attention of all the girls in the house, which proved a point that his looks have made him one of the most popular leaders in world politics. But surprisingly, people don’t know his complete story, or why he has made a mark in the leadership space. Let me share with you four reasons why Trudeau is a heartthrob in the field of politics.

  1. He is a Real Rock (muscle power) Star
    Justin TrudeauFor those who haven’t seen the handshake saga between US President Trump and Trudeau, let me share the story. President Trump has a dominating leadership style that is visible in his body language, and specifically the way he shakes hands. He has been seen to dominate his counterparts using a jerky movement and a pull that is hard to resist, specifically when it is coming from one of the world’s most powerful men (The US President). But when Justin Trudeau met Trump, it was something that couldn’t have been missed. Trudeau resisted Trump’s handshake move with his firm handshake and gave a powerful message that Canada and the United States are on equal lines. This handshake has been deemed the handshake of the century and the greatest resistance to US dominance. As a leader, Trudeau showed that leadership is about standing up and not toning down. It is about being assertive and not passive. Watch this video to know more:

  2. He is a Cross-Pollinator
    reflectors on highways reflect lightMany would not know Trudeau’s background, but he has been a teacher, an actor, a nightclub bouncer, a snowboard, a white water rafting instructor, and even a boxer before becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. Leaders of the 21st century are cross-pollinators; they have tasted different flavors before hitting their prime. In our innovation workshops, we share stories of leaders who came up with the concepts of Velcro, cat’s eye, camouflage and many others to illustrate the point that leaders need to look into other fields for ideas. For example, the inspiration of a cat’s eye that you see on the highways came from a cat – just like the cat’s eyes shine in the dark when the light is reflected on them, similarly the reflectors that you see on the highways reflect light – the concept came from the cat’s eye. Justin Trudeau’s experience in different fields has helped him make the right political decisions and form progressive views on major issues Canada is dealing with.
  3. He Creates the Right First ImpressionPrime-Minister-Justin-TrudeauSource: http://www.gaytimes.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Prime-Minister-Justin-Trudeau_Pride-Toronto-249A5731-1.jpgWe cannot undervalue the importance of good looks. This is the one thing many prospective leaders ignore. Managing your image in today’s time is of prime importance because people form impressions about you in a few seconds of seeing you (not meeting or talking with you); they form their perceptions even before they talk to you. Trudeau knows this art and he is one the best dressed political leaders in today’s time. He supplements his looks with his charm. Scientific research has proven that attractive people get the right job and sometimes better pay packages too (Check out this master piece – Business Insider Article). The news of Ivanka Trump’s gaze towards Trudeau gave the media just the story it was looking for. Here’s one message for you – create the right first impression (check out few more articles on image consulting) by being well-dressed at all major occasions because you never know when you are being watched.
  4. He Believes in DiversityCanadian cabinetSource: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VicUj9H4FPM/VnR2Gf7SR4I/AAAAAAAAEXU/dlSkHHGLLE0/s1600/Justin%2BTrudeau%2527s%2Bgender%2Bparity%2Bcabinet%2Bof%2B2015.jpgNot many would know the composition of the Canadian cabinet, which is in line with the diversity of the country. His cabinet had chosen an astronaut as the transport minister, Harjit Sajjan, a lieutenant colonel in the Canadian armed forces and the first Sikh Canadian to command an army regiment as defense minister, and more over, the gender ratio in his cabinet was 50:50. Leaders of today need to take everyone along while moving forward. The greatest crime you can commit as a leader is to have all the “yes men/women” on your side, because they will always agree with you and blind you from making the right decisions. According to a report by McKinsey, gender diverse companies outperform their counterparts by 15%.
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I must say Trudeau is doing an awesome job in the political circles with his progressive views on refugees and social inclusiveness. He is setting a positive example worldwide by welcoming people from across the world to his country because he believes that Canada can be made great only through nurturing its diversity.

Kudos Justin Trudeau! I am your fan too.

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