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How To Make This New Year Count?

We are exactly 30 days away from the year coming to an end. It is that time of the year when workload is less and office off-sites are more. Colleagues plan their annual vacation and some offices close for a mandatory shut down. The year-end festive fervour also brings with itself a promise to self for a fresh start – the revered new year resolution! But gradually as time passes and the festive fervour fades giving way to February, the resolutions become more distant and the promises to self, less compelling.

The month January comes from Janus – the Roman god of new beginnings and doorways, with two faces, one looking onwards and one backwards. His two faces symbolize the past and the future, one face that looks backward depicts the year that has departed and the face that looks forward depicts the year ahead. Since Janus symbolizes beginnings, it is only apt that January is a month of new year resolutions.

We’ve all gone though something similar at least once in our lifetime and some simply decide that new year resolutions are just not worth the time. Some even ague that new year resolutions are pointless as one does not need a new year to start something that they are passionate about. I, on the other hand, love new year resolutions because I mostly accomplish my new year resolutions.

However, most of us fail to live through our new year resolutions, majorly because of one of the 3 things-
The resolutions are way too overwhelming and unattainable – The feeling of being overtly charged during festivities and that “ohh, I want to change my life right now” is hardly sustainable. What actually works is the tried and tested – “slow and steady” wins the race. So, attempt at resolving to something that is attainable and realistic.

Perseverance and Sincerity

A resolution must be one that can be (and should be) done every day, not just reserved for weekends. Much of the new year resolutions fail because we don’t have the inclination to get through it daily. This is owing to the fact that we don’t know the “Why” behind our actions – A lot of times, people view new year resolutions as whims. But unless a resolution is resounding, it won’t last.

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Are new year resolutions important?

I consider new year resolutions as drivers that help me sail through the next year. When I decide on my resolution, I look at the year that has gone by and see what I would like to improve on this year – something that is meaningful to me and something that I really want to work on. What has also helped me is preparing myself before the end of a particular year to decide and start working on a new year resolution. Let’s say I wish to start a yoga regimen, I don’t wait until January 1st to start, rather I start waking up early a month or two before the year ends.
While, January 1st is not indispensable, inclination is; and today is a good day to start.

Let’s start working today towards my new year resolution. What say?

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