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Be Original

“You are born as an original, don’t die as a copy” is a statement that gives us the secret to our dream life. We were born as who we are, yet people around want us to become like someone who we are not. Your manager wants you to act like your super natural colleague, your parents want you to become like your neighbour’s super achieving son, your friend wants you to act like your super talented friend.


You have a special DNA planted inside you to make a difference in the world

When you copy someone you begin to lose your shine. You are made special and there is no one like you in the past nor their will be anyone like you in future. You have a special DNA planted inside you to make a difference in the world. Your mission may not be like your friend’s mission, your talents may not be like your colleague’s talent, your looks may not be like your cousins looks, your work may not be as exciting as your partner’s work and that’s OKAY!

Live your DNA! Accept the qualities that have been given to you. You may not be living in your dream house, but you may be a superstar at work, you may not be holding a title in your organization but you may be an expert communicator, you may not have the money but you may be having a loving family. But today, we forget what’s right with us and look out for things which are wrong. The root cause of depression is comparing and contrasting. When we begin focusing on what we don’t have we begin to lose the race that is uniquely designed for us. We get off track and begin following others who are going in a different direction.

Don’t let expectations of others burn holes in your personality which couldn’t be filled again! Bernard M. Baruch rightly said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” The ones who see you shine with your own brilliance would be your true well-wishers. Be with them.

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No one in this world is perfect. You will find flaws in even the most handsome man and the most beautiful woman. Let your flaws tell the world that you are human and you are on your journey to growth. A lion looks attractive when it’s looking for food. Similarly, a man (or a woman) looks attractive when he/she is on his/her journey to self-growth. Keep working on your weaknesses but don’t let your weaknesses define your personality. Be the first rate version of yourself. Be original in what God has made you. You become attractive when you become who you are – when you talk, write, think, act and look like yourself. Copying someone is agonizing; you are always thinking what to say, how to act, what to wear, how to look etc. and you are constantly doubting yourself whether you were at par with your made up expectations.

Become a mirror image of yourself. People around you will begin respecting you when you first respect your own self.

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