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6 More Ways to Keep Your Team Engaged Virtually


As per our last blog, we have already shared 6 fun ways to keep the team engagement going even in the time of social distancing. And, as promised we are back with 6 more unique activities that will keep the team cheer going and make working remote feel less isolated.

Virtual Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Small sessions of maximum 90 minutes, facilitated by one team member on any subject. This will not only ensure that team members learn and grow, even during isolation, but will also encourage healthy discussions and strengthen team bonds.

Suggested topics include Time management, Social Media Marketing, Game of Thrones, or Winning Against The Spouse (we would like to join this one, as well)

Hot Seat

It’s time to put the seniors under the spotlight! Choose one senior leader at a time and fire those long pondered over questions and queries. Vulnerability is essential to building healthy team bonds and this activity is bound to strengthen the very foundation of your team.

Virtual Feed(forward)back Sessions

Choose a person to whom the team wants to give feedback. The person concerned should be kept out of the loop while the feedback is being gathered. A suggested format would be a “START – STOP – CONTINUE” format.

This is to say that the feedback should include

  • one thing that the person in question should start focusing on
  • one habit or trait they should work to control or get rid of 


  • one quality that makes them stand out and they should continue with it.

Post the collective discussion, the team member in question also joins in and receives the feedback.

Pro tip: Call it feed forward.

If You Have Got It, Flaunt It!

You have a lot of talented people in your team. Some sing so well, some might be unbeatable on the dance floor, and yet another might be a Math genius. So, why not create a platform for them to showcase the same through a session? Or home-made videos?

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Virtual Recognition

Nothing feels better than a pat on the back – even when virtual! Why not plan a surprise recognition party virtually for someone in the team who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary? (And sometimes, just find some excuse)


Nothing engages young and old as much as games do. There are plenty of games that your team can engage in – which you can find on the web. A personal suggestion would be to try out Psych. It can easily be used to know other team members in a virtual world.

That’s it for now folks…. Remember, if you don’t execute ideas, they die!

Go ahead and plan these different engagement ideas with your teams – and do remember to tell us how it went for you!

Happy Social Distancing

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