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3 Reasons Why You Must Take A Break

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Take your car on a journey without refueling and you will soon run out of gas. Chances are that you would end up on the highway alone. On an empty tank, the car will not move. Today, everyone is running in this fast paced world, aiming to get ahead. Some are running for money and others for success, but do we know the price we pay in the process? “Evaluate the cost before you invest” – be it in stocks or achieving your goals. We are running without knowing the price we have to pay in terms of failed relationships, deteriorating health, and lack of meaning. Here are the three reasons why you must take a break.

  1. You can’t go far:
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    Formula 1 racecars have the world’s fastest and meanest engines. They are in the top segment when it comes to speed and balance. The margin of winning and losing is a few seconds and sometimes, even milliseconds. In these races, the supercars have to make pit stops after a certain amount of time running. They can’t go on to the finish line without refueling and fine-tuning. Imagine a supercar that wants to save on few seconds and doesn’t stop at the pit stop. It might take the lead in the race initially, but will not be able to sustain it for long. Due to continuous running at high speeds, wear and tear will happen and the tyres will not grip the track. This will result in poor performance leading to losing more time than could be gained by stopping. The same is true with us; if we want to win the race of life, we must be ready to make pit stops in our lives and take account of where we are going and what we need to do to reach our destination.
  2. You end up at the wrong place:
    People continue running without taking a break only to realize that they have reached the wrong destination. There are several examples of billionaires who now aren’t healthy enough to enjoy their abundance. There are people who have beautiful castles to stay in, but no one to stay with them. There are many who can go on luxury holidays, but always end up on calls and writing emails. What’s the point in running fast in a race that is not meant for you?
  3. You lose focus:
    focus on what mattersTake a glass of water in your left hand and a torch in your right hand and start running towards your destination. The torch will help you see your path. As you are running, your focus on the path will be so great that when you reach your goal and finally see your left hand, there will be no water left. Because you were too focused on your goal, you forgot you had a glass of water in your left hand, and by the time you reached the destination, you no longer had water in the glass. The water in the glass represents our health, relationships, love, social circle, and family. Don’t let your goals make you forget your priorities.
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It is time for us to take a break from our schedules and ask ourselves, what gives us true happiness? Ask yourself, “Am I on the path to the right destination or am I being sidetracked by things which are of no value?”

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