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3 Lessons from the City Race Challenge

The City Race Challenge – what an incredible mix of sight-seeing and team building!

You might be wondering what this City Race Challenge is and thinking if it is a car race, a bike race or some sort of marathon.  Well, hang on, it’s neither of that, rather it’s a very interesting activity where, while working as a team, you will solve the riddles, bravely face the thrown-up challenges and complete the assigned tasks. Inspired by the popular TV show ‘Amazing Race,’ the most exciting part of this challenge is that you get to do all these activities while enjoying the city (where the challenge is performed), its weather, and historical places, as well as mingle with the local people along the way. Highly customizable, the Incredible Race works well with all means of transport ranging from bicycles to bikes to auto-rickshaws to buses. And if you want, you can complete the task on foot while admiring the beauty of the place. Sounds exciting, isn’t it!

Now, let’s have a look at some of the key lessons which can be learned from this activity.

Effective Team Planning

The City Race Challenge helps in effective team planning as tasks are assigned according to the skills/expertise of the team members so that each member is at ease and makes a wholehearted contribution. Effective planning is also very much essential for today’s leaders considering the unpredictable corporate environment and business complexity, and this task involves strategic thinking, problem solving, observation skills, tactical planning as well as team planning.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is of great importance in any organization, be it verbal or written. Through effective communication you can share your ideas, delegate work and responsibilities, motivate people for better work, and what not. For a leader also, it is essential that he is a great communicator so that he is able to effectively communicate his thoughts to the people. In this activity, teams come out of their inhibitions to communicate with each other, share their thoughts freely and try to complete the given task.

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Explore New Places

Whenever you visit a new place, always try to explore the area, understand the culture, traditions, and visit historical monuments, so that you get well acquainted to the place and its people. This also adds to your knowledge and widens your horizon and you learn different cultures, values and customs which give you a lot of exposure. In the City Race Challenge, the routes can be themed to include historic sites, major landmarks, and other places of interest.


In the end, the City Race Challenge teaches you a lot of things. It is an activity where while exploring the place teams have to pull together, communicate and rely on each other’s strengths to emerge victorious. Teamwork can indeed been so fun while participating in the City Race Challenge.

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