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Adam Thompson

Australian rockstar Adam Thompson is a natural Master of Stage who inspires his audiences to know their life’s stages – and to own them. His sessions are infused with his infectious energy and pure zest for life, leaving audiences exhilarated and motivated to bring his words to life.

About Adam

It is difficult to typecast Adam. He is a singer/songwriter, entertainer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Widely acknowledged as one of Australia’s greatest entertainers, he is best known as the iconic front man of Australian rock band Chocolate Starfish, whose self-titled debut album went platinum and won an ARIA award after spawning hits ‘Mountain’ and their cover of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’. Renowned for his powerful performances and electric stage presence, Adam continually lives up to his reputation as the ‘consummate entertainer’, captivating all with his boundless energy and undeniable desire to connect with his audiences.

With over 30 years in the entertainment industry under his belt, Adam is currently enjoying the most successful period of his career. He has firmly established himself as a sought-after solo performer with his triumphant Bohemian Rhapsody Concert, selling out theatres across Australia and dazzling audiences with his celebration of his music hero, Freddie Mercury, and Queen.

On his entrepreneurial stage, Adam flourishes as the founder and creator of MusoMagic, a group song writing platform that engages people of all ages and backgrounds in creative exploration and expression. From school classrooms, remote Indigenous communities, Indian shelter homes to large-scale corporate events, MusoMagic has evolved under Adam’s guidance to influence thousands of people all over the world.

Astute with both business and entertainment and armed with his innate understanding of audiences, Adam regularly consults for tourism enterprises and resorts to curate tailored entertainment experiences.

Ever the altruist, Adam is committed to assisting disadvantaged young people create their best future. He founded his own charity, MUSIKARMA, to use music as a catalyst for providing opportunities for personal growth, education and training for youth. He further shares this commitment with other charities as an ambassador for Life Changer and Tuf Minds.

Today, Adam is also a highly regarded keynote speaker, MC and facilitator. He weaves his personal story into his presentations to engage, enlighten and inspire audiences.

Spotlight Areas:

Master of Stages: Having Leadership Presence

Adam uses his personal experiences on and off stage to draw parallels between rock stardom and real life…with surprising similarities, in a compelling talk that Includes a performance of one of his hit songs.

The talk centres around how to project Leadership Presence by living authentic leadership on every stage to deliver the performance of your life.
A few themes it touches upon include:

• Preparing yourself for any ‘stage’ (life/work)
• Leadership without ego – the Everyday Superstar
• Owning your stage
     – Adopting the superstar mindset
     – Commanding – and engaging – your audience
     – The Agile Performer
• Extending your stage – crossing the boundaries
• Evolving your stage – adapting to change
• Stages of Life
     – From struggle to strength
     – Sharing your stage and leading in sync (working as a team while leading)
     – Your best performance is always your next one


A few key parameters:

60-90 minutes

Time Limit

Keynote Speech

Where this can be run

Upto 100

Group sizes

1 Session

No. Of Session

Debrief can be customised


Is this Masterclass right for my team?

Leadership Presence is the ability to connect authentically with the thoughts and feelings of others. It is the elusive “X-Factor” that a lot of executives are perennially in search of. An often misunderstood concept, “commanding attention” is only one outcome of having Leadership Presence, not its essence or even its most valuable outcome.

Who better than a Rockstar who embodies it himself – to speak about the topic! Adam has worked with numerous organisations in India such as Tata-AIG, Birla Sun Life, Aditya Birla Finance, DHFL and Vodafone, as well as with NGOs such as Pratham, Aarambh, the Steve Waugh Foundation and the Brett Lee Foundation (MEWSIC). Australian clients include Qantas, Vodafone, BHP, ANZ Bank, NAB bank, Cadbury Schweppes, Assa Abloy, Marvel Stadium and two Olympic swim teams.

If you are looking at inspiring your leaders towards having more Leadership Presence, Adam Thompson is perhaps one of the very few Facilitators available in the world who can talk about it authentically. FocusU invites you to explore a Masterclass with him.

Contact Us today – we will be glad to meet up and discuss the possibilities for your team!


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