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Rise above distractions, get tasks done,
and achieve organizational & individual goals’ goals.

Online program to beat digital distractions & build laser focus.
There isn’t a better investment for your success.

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Invest in Making Employees and
Teams Undistractable

What will you get?

  • Learn exact actions to handle cravings, break old habits, and be in control. Precise instructions, no guesswork
  • Techniques based on neuroscience and habit psychology ensure the change you can see.
  • Get access to all the exercises, practical actions, expert techniques, and updates. In 12 months, your team can learn how to be laser-focused at work.

How does this program work?

Break deep-rooted digital addictions using habit psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience

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Understand baseline habits and behaviours
  • Identify and map your habits loops.
  • Start weakening your habit pattern scientifically.
  • Techniques to lower reward value associated with smartphone usage.
  • Develop intense focus and ability to spend time without distractions.
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Reset and rewrite,
build focus
  • 2-week digital detox to reset baseline habits.
  • Well-designed exercises to rewire your brain.
  • Create a custom plan for using your devices.
  • Overcome cravings without using willpower.
  • Break each part of the habit loop with specific action steps.
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Based totally on practical exercises
  • Exercises after every new concept.
  • Concepts built sequentially on previous knowledge.
  • Precise instructions – no guesswork.
  • Assignment submission for accountability and real change.

Invaluable bonus content

‘Lasting motivation pack’ to motivate you to complete the program.
How-to-guide if you extensively use your devices at work
How-to-guide to avoid getting sucked into a rabbit hole
How-to-guide to avoid a binge watching
How-to-guide if you need to constantly check emails or messages
How-to-guide on using accountability techniques for motivation
How-to-guide to avoid task-switching for uninterrupted focus

This program is ideally suitable for

designed to achieve fast results; low time commitment

Designed to achieve fast results; low time commitment

  • The program requires just 2 hours a week (1 hour per module).
  • It allows you to do the exercises during your daily routine.
  • Within two weeks, save 10 + hours daily and see improved focus.

Know Your Instructor

Rajan Singh,

Keynote speaker | Ex-IPS | Wharton | IITK | McKinsey

Rajan has lived a life defined by curiosity, growth, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a diverse background that encompasses both technical expertise and a deep commitment to serving others, he is a true visionary whose journey thus far has been marked by a passion for innovation, a thirst for knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Rajan is the founder of a habit-building startup called HabitStrong.

You could think of HabitStrong as a gym for habit-building.

HabitStrong conducts online boot camps to build life-changing habits that help inculcate discipline, focus, mindfulness, and a no-compromise mindset. It is devoted to helping people systematically adopt good habits and improve the quality of their lives.

While there is plenty of content available for consumption, it often never makes an impact. HabitStrong makes apparent behaviour change happen through a scientific, no-nonsense approach, mostly based on his personal life experiences. Best-selling programs include digital detox, building a mindful morning routine, deep work, and focused learning.

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What participants say

More than 1,000 people have gone through this program (earlier
called ‘Reboot’)
. Most have called it ‘life-changing’.

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