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Ramg Vallath

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Ramgopal Vallath (aka RamG Vallath) is the most positive individual he has ever met in his life. After a remarkably successful corporate career, he was forced to reinvent his life. Today, he is the co-founder of an exciting tech company, a bestselling author and a much-sought after motivational speaker. His sessions on building positivity and growth mindset have been termed ‘inspiring’, life-changing’ and ‘straight from the heart’ by tens of thousands of people at all levels who have attended them.

RamG has had an extraordinary life-journey. Coming from a small village Malayalam medium government school, he managed admission in BTech Electronics in IIT with a very high rank. He had to struggle there with his fixed mindset to muster up the courage in order to speak his first sentence in English. Again, he had to struggle with his fixed mindset when he failed in so many subjects that he was nearly thrown out of IIT. Afterwards, after he completed his MBA from XLRI, in the initial phase of his career, he continued to struggle with his fixed mindset rearing its ugly head. However, thanks to learning from life experiences and some deep introspection, he managed to move the needle closer towards growth mindset. The effect was immediate and RamG’s career took off like a rocket.

By the time he was 34, he became the youngest circle head in India’s telecom history. He went on to become a director in Dell and also HP. Later, when he was stricken down by a crippling autoimmune disorder, it was growth mindset that came to his aid again and helped him discover a little-known clinical trial that helped him improve his health. It also helped him reinvent his life as a best selling author (of a humorous yet inspiring autobiography — From Ouch to Oops), motivational speaker, startup cofounder, and science editor. RamG is one of the most qualified persons to help develop growth mindset through real life experiences and practical action-plans that work.

Spotlight Areas:

From his own life experiences, RamG has lived the power of adopting a Growth Mindset – a belief that ability can be acquired with hard work and practice. This is his one spotlight area, that he lives and teaches passionately. He brings this alive through a series of highly interactive webinars where he weaves in his varied life experiences to bring the topic alive for all learners.
The outcomes of the engagement are the following:

• A belief that one can learn anything
• Willingness to learn from anyone
• Eagerness to take on challenges
• Total ownership for tasks
• Willingness to mentor and nurture team members
• Desire to take on additional responsibility
• Willingness to ask for support

A few key parameters:

1 – 4 Sessions (depending on format) 

No of Sessions

90 Minutes

Time Limit

Keynote & Webinar

Formats Available in

25-100 (Depending on format)

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is this Masterclass right for my team?
The concept of “Growth mindset” has captured the imagination of the corporate world, in large parts due to the attention brought to it by Microsoft. Four years ago, Satya Nadella took the helm at Microsoft. Under his leadership, the value of the company has tripled. The story of the culture and strategy refresh at Microsoft – is one inspired by Stanford professor Carol Dweck’s research on growth mindset.

A Facilitator is credible when he or she speaks from his or her own experience. Over the last six years, RamG has addressed over 50 groups of employees, ranging from global leadership teams of Fortune500 companies to new recruits in IT companies. His clients include Cisco, HP, Dell, GE, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, HDFC Bank, Pepsi, Diageo, Airtel, Tata Tele, Titan, Quintiles and dozens more.

If you are looking at inspiring a Growth mindset in your teams, RamG Vallath is perhaps the best Facilitator available in India. FocusU invites you to explore a Masterclass with him.

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