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Lt General Raymond Noronha

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Lt General Raymond Noronha, is an army veteran with 40 years of experience in the Indian Army. With extensive operational experience on the Indo-Pak & Indo-China borders as also in Counter Terrorism Operations in J&K and NE India, he has truly earned all his stripes!

Having held leadership positions at operational & strategic levels, he has conceptualized, planned, organized and controlled strategic projects of national importance. He rose to the rank of a Lt General (3 Star) and was the person who built India’s first Mountain Strike Corps {40,000(+)Troops}, a specialized offensive force for the Northern Border. He recently superannuated as the Chief of Staff of the Southern Command of the Indian Army.

General Noronha is an alumni of the National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune and of the prestigious National Defence College, New Delhi. He is a ‘Soldier–Scholar’, with two M Phil Degrees and even now is pursuing his Phd from Pune University. No wonder then, that he is often invited as a Guest Speaker at various Business Schools and Senior Officers Training Institutions of the Armed Forces. He brings his experience of the battle field in his talks and in the various Leadership Training programs he has conducted for numerous corporates.

Winner of a Gallantry Award for Counter Terrorism operations, he has also been honoured by the President of India with three Distinguished Awards namely the Param Vishisht Seva Medal (PVSM) and Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM-Twice))

Spotlight Areas:

Being an operational soldier with experience of leading in challenging situations at various levels over his complete service of 40 years, General Noronha is a compelling speaker on a few topics that revolve around how one can lead in crisis:

● Leadership, particularly at challenging situations and times.
● Skills and focus to Build a Winning Team – The key factors.
● Selecting & Building leaders in your Organisation – Leadership is a Contact Sport.
● Battle Winning Factors – From Ownership to Risk Taking.
● Leaders are Good Learners & hence Excellent Performers

A few key parameters:

Is this right for my team?

MikesBikes calls for a basic understanding of business fundamentals. It can be run for intact or adhoc teams. It is particularly beneficial for people in the managerial cadre of organizations. The activity gives individuals a first-hand experience of working in teams in high pressure situations, taking risks and seeing the results in real time. The whole exercise fosters deeper appreciation of teamwork and managerial thinking in the process.

The whole challenge runs for around 4 hours – and can be done either as a standalone experience or as a part of a larger full day engagement, melded with other trademark FocusU experiences!

If you are looking for an indoor experience for your team, that helps them get a very real, holistic understanding of business, through a hands-on experience of running their own company and making all the decisions – The MikesBikes Challenge! is cut out just for you!

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Is this Masterclass right for my team?

Crises, replete with both complexity and change, requires leaders to both lead and manage effectively.

• Addressing the urgent needs of the present is the work of management. You need to make immediate choices and allocate resources. The pace is fast, and actions are decisive.

• Leading, by contrast, involves guiding people to the best possible eventual outcome over an arc of time that extends through beginning, middle and end. The focus needs to be on what is likely to come next and readying to meet it. That means seeing beyond the immediate to anticipate the next three, four, or five obstacles.

Lt.General Raymond Noronha is a person who seen it all, experienced it all and successfully led his teams through multiple crises situations through a decorated career with the armed forces.

If you are looking at inspiring your leaders to learn how to handle a crisis and lead their teams through it, there are few people as qualified as General Noronha to do it. FocusU invites you to explore a Masterclass with him.

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