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Getting Started With LSP

1. Connecting the Dots – Half or Full day program.

Give your team the opportunity to bring their insight and expertise to the table. Take advantage of the different perspectives, reach a shared understanding of the bigger picture and agree on what is going on – and how to improve things.

2. Making Teamwork work – A full day program.

Create a shared platform of understanding and commitment in the group. Give each person a deeper understanding of each member’s role and responsibilities – understand the interdependent relationships and how to interact better.

3. Taming the Beast – Half or Full day program.

Your Challenge: An opportunity, issue or problem is diverting the team’s energy and attention from the normal “the task at hand”.. Something has to be done: grabbing the opportunity, solving the problem. The “Beast” has to be tamed – but HOW?

4. The STORY – Bringing things to life – Half day program.

A compelling story is a rich and efficient way of communication. Whether it is a story of your product, the company, or the vision, the most powerful story is the one that creates memorable images. Use this program to build and to perfect your story.

5. Innovation Mining – Half day program.

Creativity is everywhere, but sometimes needs to be boosted or revitalized to create innovation. Explores your teams optimal creative styles and demonstrates how the sum of their imaginations best can increase the innovation of the whole team.

Download the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Challenge One Pager

    We have been working with FocusU team for more than a year now. They have always delivered to the objective set out with perfection. They have always brought new ideas and exercises to help deliver the message and achieve the objective. Lego Serious Play for instance is an extremely powerful tool which we have used for team visioning sessions for teams both on business front and on team norms front. The entire exercise using LSP is engaging and helps brings out various aspects of discussion on the table in a non-threatening way.
    Sachin Jain
    Manager Leadership Capability, PepsiCo India Region

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