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The LSP Method

A unique way to build insight, confidence and commitment

Consider the following situation: You are time pressured. It is essential that you gather your executive team to tackle a complex business opportunity or problem. However, you hesitate going forward with the meeting, because you find it hard to imagine how you can accomplish your objectives within a reasonable timeframe. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is a process that lets you do just that!

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method lets you

• involve your entire team in the discussions all the time
• have everyone participate actively and contribute their best
• provoke learning and new ways of thinking
• get people speaking their true feelings instead of closing up
With The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method you

• get results with both immediate and lasting impact
• increase team spirit and avoid team frustrations
• use time efficiently
• get full commitment to the implementations of decisions

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method enables you to explore relationships and connections between people and their worlds in new and enlightening ways. During the process you’ll be able to observe both internal and external dynamics, explore and test various scenarios and quickly gain an awareness of a variety of possibilities.

Participants will communicate more effectively, engage their imaginations more readily and approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight. This allows for taking dialogues to deeper levels as well as short-cutting to the real issues and new knowledge – all with better business sense.

The facilitation makes the difference!

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is a process for groups and teams. It is a facilitated process based on the latest science about how our mind works. The common language – the bricks – treats everyone as equals and allows for all aspects to be heard, but it is the highly skilled and artful facilitation that deliver the lasting impact.

FocusU has been involved with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as the method of choice especially while working with senior management teams. We master both the facilitation as well as the science underpinning it. This insight allows us to custom design every single workshop to meet the client’s specific needs and challenges.

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method offers no readymade solutions – it’s all about unframed problem solving. All results emerge from the participants and the situations they experience. The approach provides an efficient tool for crafting the solution. By giving people this new way to communicate, they will be able to identify problems and formulate action plans that deal with the real issues – not the symptoms.

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    We have been working with FocusU team for more than a year now. They have always delivered to the objective set out with perfection. They have always brought new ideas and exercises to help deliver the message and achieve the objective. Lego Serious Play for instance is an extremely powerful tool which we have used for team visioning sessions for teams both on business front and on team norms front. The entire exercise using LSP is engaging and helps brings out various aspects of discussion on the table in a non-threatening way.
    Sachin Jain
    Manager Leadership Capability, PepsiCo India Region

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