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Creating & Executing Collaborative Management Strategies

In a world that is seeing an increasing incidence of VUCA and Black Swan events, leadership has increasingly become about making decisions collaboratively by tapping into the wisdom of many others in the team. However, this is not something that comes easily for everyone. The challenges that leaders need to grapple with and deliver on are many:

• Focus on the bigger picture
• How to think strategically?
• How to handle a VUCA situation?
• How to account for group dynamics?
• How to manage the project for optimum results?
• How to build trust and problem solve at the same time?
• How to take everyone along towards a single plan of action?
• How to leverage the varying strengths of different people in the team?
• How to communicate in a manner that encourages collaboration and not competition?

FocusU in collaboration with Memcorp Immersive brings to you an engaging online simulation that is blended with the trademark FocusU facilitation, to create a compelling learning experience for all participants.

Evivve is a multiplayer game built on the Immersive Learning Methodology. The game is designed to enhance players’ ability to work with one another through creating and executing collaborative management strategies.

This online simulation depicts an end-of-times scenario in which players must figure out a way to become a “methanite” because in a space of the next 365 days, the air would turn into methane. There is only one way to do this – and that requires the team to mine for a rare metal – “Movilennium.” The extraction process of this metal is costly. Players must hence engage in commerce that earns them enough money to mine.

The simulation has several disparate components that the players must be mindful of that completely stretches the thinking of participants. This makes the experience immersive and causes natural behaviors to emerge. In the game-world each iteration presents new challenges which require them to step up their game every time. The dynamics of the game allows for multiple ways in which the goal can be reached and hence room for multiple strategies.

The game is followed by a reflective session on what happened. Some questions are pre-framed, based on intervention objectives, while some emerge through the observations our facilitators make. An engaging discussion often leads to a shift in the thought-process for the players and enables change from within.

A few key parameters:

120 minutes

Time Limit


Where this can be run

12 per session

Group sizes

Debrief can be customised


Is the Evivve Simulation right for your team?
Evivve is an age, position and industry agnostic simulation. It is easy to understand and play! Through a completely immersive experience that is equal parts fun and educative, participants learn that they either collaborate and work together or all is lost! The game naturally brings awareness of the importance of collaboration in order to achieve anything meaningful.

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