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Ekhlaque Bari

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Know Your Facilitator

Ekhlaque Bari, fondly referred to as EB, is a seasoned strategist in the sphere of tech and digital transformation, bringing the perfect blend of technical proficiency, strategic vision, and transformational leadership.

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Ekhlaque is deeply passionate about working with people, technology, and processes.
He is widely recognized for his unparalleled expertise in leveraging tech and AI to redefine businesses, whether it’s optimizing marketing strategies, reducing costs, enhancing customer experiences, improving efficiency, or pioneering entirely new business models.

A master storyteller, Ekhlaque possesses a unique ability to distill complex technological concepts into simple, compelling narratives. Through his adept use of vivid imagery and evocative language, he transforms intricate subjects into easily digestible, bite-sized lessons. His engaging communication style fosters a dynamic two-way interaction, ensuring professionals not only understand but actively experience the content presented, making each session a memorable encounter.

He brings over three decades of experience in leading tech giants including GE Europe, Dominos India, Max New York Life Insurance, SBI Card, Temasek-owned NBFC, and Tata Motors. Having worked in the US, UK, Europe, India, and Singapore, he combines his rich experience in tech with a global outlook.

Having led transformative initiatives across diverse industries, his focus is to illuminate the path of digital empowerment for businesses through engaging masterclasses and workshops.

Ekhlaque is an expert in advanced technologies like AI, Generative AI, digital solutions, IoT, Blockchain, and more. He is also passionate about using NLP, communication, and leadership development, design thinking, UX, agile, lean, and product management.

In his masterclass, he delivers clear and actionable insights, providing businesses with a well-defined roadmap to leverage the latest advancements in technology.

Ekhlaque is also a certified life and executive coach, an NLP practitioner, a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a certified UX designer. After leading digital transformation for several organizations, he uses his experience to guide businesses and individuals to leverage technology to maximize their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

Spotlight Areas:

  • Generative AI
  • Digital Transformation
  • Agile Methodology
  • Design Thinking

A Few Key Parameters:

60-90 minutes

Time Limit

Keynote Speech

Where this can be run

15 – 500

Group sizes

1 Session

No. Of Session

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