Download: Impact of COVID-19 on L&D - First Research Report - FocusU

A research to understand the impact of Covid-19 on the L&D function

The Covid-19 crisis is unlike anything that any of us has ever seen in our professional lives. It has stopped businesses on their tracks and challenged every existing paradigm that existed.

In this research piece, we reached out to many of our customers to understand how the current pandemic is impacting the learning and development function in various organizations. The research was conducted in the form of a digital roundtable. Learning leaders from 15 different organizations spread out across a spectrum of different industries participated in this discussion.

A few key questions that we explored were:
• How has Covid-19 affected learning and the L&D function?
• What are the key learning themes you will be focusing on in the near future?
• What are a few things that are already working for you?
• How do you see the post Covid-19 period panning out for L&D?
• How is L&D modelling being Agile?
• Do discussions like this help? In which way?

Download this research report to gain insights into how different L&D leaders are navigating this crisis.

Download Research Report | impact of Covid-19 on the L&D function