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Why Change Is The Only Constant?

Change is the Name of the Game

Yes!! The beautiful game of football was imminent in full flourish. The FIFA world cup had kept us on tenterhooks for the last one month. The football carnival was on. The world was hooked by the drama that got bigger day by day.

It was happening in the land of Putin, ruble, and vodka. The biggest festival of football had opened its floodgates this time in the largest country of the world.  Anxiety, excitement, adrenalin rush, and change were all exploding for the last month. The matches were so fast paced and kept changing dynamically in a matter of moments. You had to be on the watch-out throughout or you could miss the most critical move of the match. Surprises are part of the package when we are talking about world-class football teams sweating it out against each other at peak professional levels. Change of epic proportions was evident this time as well.

A case in point is the performance of the giants of this game: Germany. This team, which is known for top-notch organized and technically supreme football, did not even make it to the knockout stage. In fact, teams like Italy and Holland did not even qualify for the World Cup 2018. Iceland, with the thinnest population, had qualified and made a mark on the world stage. The players have become national heroes. Japan showed tremendous appetite for hard fought football battles and represented Asian football with lot of dignity. They became the first team to qualify for the knock out stages of a world cup on basis of fair play points. The advent of new technologies also added more theatrics to the overall narrative. VAR (video recording) facility was available for the referee to use in order to facilitate critical decisions. This world cup saw the highest number of penalties awarded. The world also saw two dark horses emerge on the world stage. Belgium and Croatia displayed tremendous hunger to win. They executed their drawing board plan to the T. They brought fresh perspectives and exhibited major changes in their tactics every game that they were involved in this world cup. Yes!! Croatia made it to the world cup finals. An underdog had arrived at the world stage to be called out as world-beaters. They lost out to the amazing French team in the penultimate match. However, this world cup will be anchored in people’s mind because of the phenomenal performance of the Croatian team. They just might get the bravery awards in their country. In the end it was the teams that adapted and responded to changes with finesse that were able to make a dent this world cup.

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Change in strategy, change in dynamics, change in leadership, and change in roles are all part and parcel of organizations and industries as well. If change is true for everyone, how do organizations create a differentiator? What makes some organizations crumble, some barely survive, and a select few take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the change and make its presence felt?

They say it’s a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). It’s an accepted fact that we cannot control a VUCA environment. However, the responses are in our control and are the biggest differentiator.

Surprise, surprise!! The answer to VUCA is also VUCA.

The world of volatility is challenged by a clear vision; uncertain times are countered by understanding; complexity is simplified by bringing in clarity; ambiguity is arrested by agility in action. This is called the VUCA prime.

The French and the Croatian teams were prime examples of VUCA prime. They kept their eyes on the prize and were destined to make history in the world of football. Are our organizations ready for change?

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