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Types Of Colleagues We Hate To Love

No matter how much you love your job, there will still be some people who get your goat or test your patience. These people make you believe in the saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” And stronger I have become in the last 10 years of my career. Below I segment some of these people into three categories. If you have come across any of these species feel free to leave a comment and share your experiences.

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  • The Enigmas: These are the people who get away by doing the bare minimum work. They have mastered the art of being at the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people. These people know whom to impress and that is where they focus all their energy. They know how to successfully look busy without doing anything. In fact, they actually believe they are the busiest out of everyone – they live the lie.A colleague rightly called them enigmas – you hear about them all the time but when you need them for some work, they are nowhere. These people are the soft-spoken charmers who will make you eat from the palm of their hands. They can convince you they deserve a break because their cat has the hiccups.These are the smart people who exploit loopholes in an organisation to the best of their ability. Thinking of raising a complaint about them? Forget about it. They have covered their tracks.
    Tip: Want to get some work out of them? Try power marking. These people only reply to emails when you mark people in power.busy manSource: Pexels
  • The Supremoes: These are the people who work and make sure the whole world and their uncle knows that. They talk loudly on the phone and speak the most in weekly meets. They are always busy with “a meeting.” No matter what commitment they made to you it’s okay to cancel any time because, well, they had a meeting. Ask them for a meeting and they will give you a date two months later.They believe it is them who run the organisation. Nothing you tell them is news because they already know. They will have an opinion about everything and everybody.
    Tip: Want to get some work out of them? Just massage their ego.man workingSource: Pexels
  • The Pushovers: These are the people who do good work but are political simpletons. They are so diligent that everything gets dumped on them. The work needs to be done and the enigmas have found their way around not doing it, and the supremoes are busy with a meeting, so in comes the pushovers.You will find them quietly complaining in the loo or in the pantry. Will they stand up for their rights? Oh never, God forbid there is any bad blood.
    Tip: Want to get some work out of them? Just say so.
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Now in my fourth job, I truly believe that no matter which job or industry you are in there is no getting away from these people. The key to your success, however, is learning how to master interacting with each one of them. At least they help keep things interesting. Can you imagine how boring things would get if everyone is alike?

Feel free to comment and leave your own tips and tricks on managing relationships with co-workers of all types!

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