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This Independence Day, Free Yourself From ME and move to WE

A free India.

As the leaders of the country that thousands of those freedom fighters had dreamt of, have we made it the country they had wished for? Can we proudly say yes?

Here we stand, with pride in our eyes and love in our hearts for Mother India, celebrating her 72nd Independence Day! To what do we owe this celebration? Was it the will of those revolutionaries, their determination, or the freedom struggle they led? While all these were catalysts for this change, the most significant thing that showed the British government their way out was the unity of the people of India. It is true that united we stand, divided we fall! This is exactly what the freedom leaders preached and followed, which is why we get the opportunity to celebrate the Freedom Day.

No one understands and realizes the importance of unity more than our country people. So, have you, the people of independent India, imbibed this value in your lives? Unity and togetherness are things that everybody needs to follow in their lives. Be it family, friends or work, togetherness is the essence of all being.

Rightly said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can make wonders happen!” This Independence Day let us free ourselves from the concept of ME and move towards a mentality of WE. Not only in lives, but also at the workplace, let us keep aside our egos and other malice and strive towards achieving unity – unity in implementation and productivity.

Unity in an organisation ensures better workplace dynamics while also encouraging people to create a sense of solidarity and loyalty, not only towards the organisation but also towards one another. How can you create instill the concept of WE at your workplace?

  • Articulate the vision of your company
  • Clarify each team member’s role and responsibilities
  • Streamline team energy through strategically laid processes
  • Plan rewards around team performance rather than individual performance
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Unity is the glue that will stick your employees together leading to increased employee morale and overall work innovation. This Independence Day, use it to compound individual efforts to move your employees to WE before ME.

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