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How To Cultivate A Work Culture That Enables Team Engagement?

Is creating a work culture that promotes employee engagement important? The answer to this question can be yes for some, but maybe a no for others. However, there is no denial of the fact that employee engagement is a foundational piece to the success of your business. Being a manager or supervisor, who would you prefer to work with – an employee who yawns during meetings or an employee who is actively participating? The answer is simple: the more engaged employee.

Engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused, and more result-oriented. Employees disengaged with the organisation eat into the productivity of the larger team, leading to a waste of both time and money.

Since employee engagement is so important, we must learn how to cultivate it. Ultimately, we want to create a work culture that naturally nurtures employee engagement. Developing an engaging work culture is not something you can limit to two to three events a year. Instead, it is a prolonged and continuous process. An organisation can start developing an engaging work culture by doing some of the following.


Make your Induction Programme Engaging:

An induction programme that makes employees feel confident about themselves and the organisation is the first significant step towards developing an engaging work culture. According to an SHRM survey, almost one-third of the newly hired employees leave their jobs within the first six months. This highlights the importance of a strong start in the company.

Induction training is directly related to the employee attrition rate. The initial months are crucial for an employee, as this time has a significant impact on perception building. An interactive induction programme solidifies your relationship with your employee for a long run and prepares your employee go the extra mile for you.


Conduct Team Building Activities:

When an organisation conducts team building activities on a regular basis, their employees bond more. Frequent bonding exercises make employees more comfortable at their workplaces, and they build better rapport with their colleagues. If there is a comfortable and friendly atmosphere at work, employees find themselves more engaged in the workplace. Naturally, a group’s performance is affected by their interpersonal relationships. So, the more team building activities your organisation does, the better your team bonds with one another, ultimately leading to better team performances.

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Align your Employees with the Vision of the Organisation:

A business needs to have long-term goals and a vision in place to be a success in the market. Employees become more engaged when you share the goals and vision of the company with them. By doing this, you align them with a bigger perspective, and as a result, their pride in the organisation grows. It becomes a motivational force for the employees to perform better and gives them even more reason to engage with the organisation.


Make Time Specific Goals in the Organisation:

Setting goals creates an engaging atmosphere in the office. Setting weekly, monthly, and annual goals encourage employees to work in a more focused manner. The more clarity the employees have about their work, the lesser is the space for confusions and errs. The lesser the scope for confusion and errs, the more productive the employee becomes, enhancing the performance of the organisation.


Make Employee Development your Priority:

An employee will always value an organisation that values their personal development and growth. Everyone wants to grow, develop his or her skills, and move ahead in life. Nobody likes performing monotonous tasks that have no scope for learning. A poll by Gallup found that 87% of employees valued personal development. Apart from salary and other perks, employees look for opportunities where they can learn and grow professionally and personally. Take care of this aspect and create opportunities for your employees to learn new skills.

Employee satisfaction, employee empowerment, and employee engagement are elements that have to be created and groomed in an organisation. The success of an organisation is ensured if it works towards the success of its employees.

Feel free to get in touch to know more. Together we can create an engaging work culture for your employees.

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