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How Not To Give Up On Your Goals?

Cha Sa soon women from South Korea“Cha Sa-soon” from South Korea set a world record when she got her driving license, do you know why, here’s her story!

Cha Sa-soon has been covered by leading dailies across the world, which include BBC, The New York Times, The Telegraph to name a few. She also gets to feature in television commercial of a leading automotive company plus she received a brand new beautiful car for her achievement.  She has not only become popular in South Korea but also in countries across the world. The reason for her popularity is her dogged persistence in getting her driving license. The media reports that she cleared her written exam to get a driving license in her 960th attempt, which is a sign of sheer commitment and courage. She is now a national hero and has become a talk of every town in her country. She has given a message across the country that persistence is better than perfection, “I am not an Einstein but I love to persist”.

There are many such stories that can inspire us, if only we stop to reflect. Do you know Michael Jordan was not the most talented individual when he started playing basketball? He had to go through some tough times during his journey, but he never gave up. He gives credit of his huge success to the failures he faced, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeeded”. He gives credit to the spirit which inspired him to move from one failure to other without losing hope and passion for the game. Persistence fuelled his success.

Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Stop waiting for things to happen, simply take series of action towards your goal. If you need financial security, find out avenues of investment, read books on the subject, generate multiple sources of incomes, get guidance from financial experts; if your goal is to find a loving partner, go to places which interests you, join hobby classes, work on your personality, become an extrovert, start welcoming people in your life, be open.

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Here are a few mantras that can set you in the right direction:

1) Keep taking action every day in the direction of your goals.
Success is not achieved by one giant step but a series of steps taken towards your goal. Persistence can beat any form of resistance.

2) Safety is in movement, don’t be stuck
Do you know that a drop of water falling consistently over a stone can make it hollow over time! Do you know a stream of river can change the shape of rock over which it flows! Such miracles happen because persistence always wins the race. Repeated action produce results. Keep pressing on, even when the tides are against you because only when you “press on” you will go through the rough wave safely. Safety is in movement, don’t be stuck. The best possible way to go through tough times is to go through it all the way.

3) Repeated action produce massive results
How many chances will you give your baby to learn to walk, before you ask him to stop trying? The answer is “till he learns to walk”. I love writing motivational articles and I will keep writing until I make a mark with my work. This is not a hyperbole but the inner genius waiting for his share of success. Reveal your inner genius to the world by persisting as if your life depends on it.

Go for the best in life!

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