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Cultivate Employee Engagement the Fun Way

Cultivating employee engagement the fun way

Cultivating employee engagement the fun way

Do you know the personal goals of your employees? Do they sync with the vision of your organisation? As per a global survey, only 21% of the employees are engaged with the vision and goals of their company.


Employee engagement is the investment we make for the privilege of staying in business. –Ian Hutchinson.


Your employee’s personal goals’ alignment with the vision of the company is a must for excellent employee engagement. But beyond this reward itself for employees, why else should you care? Employee engagement is the best productive “hack” for any organisation because the more invested the employee is in the organisation, the more effort they will put in.


According to the statistic above, if only 21% of employees are actively engaged, that means 79% of employees are disengaged. Just imagine how negatively that affects the productivity of a business. Have you ever thought about the tremendous impact it would bring if this percentage of disengaged employees was transformed into highly engaged employees? The next logical question is, how do we go about achieving high employee engagement at your workplace?


Achieving employee engagement is about creating an engaging atmosphere at your workplace. Every positive outcome is the result of prolonged efforts, and one of the best ways of cultivating employee engagement is team building activities. Team building activities promote creativity and enthusiasm. They shake your employees from the state of inertia and propel them to a path of excellence.


If your workplace is inflicted with monotony and your employees are hungry for inspiration, push them into team experiences that allow them to contribute to the team’s success with their creativity. Engagement needs to happen at three levels – physical, mental, and intellectual. To help highlight the benefits of these three levels of engagement and better select appropriate activities, we’ve broken down some of our offerings into the different categories below.

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  1. Indoor team building activities: Want to boost the mental health of your office? Organise an indoor team building activity (it could be in your office even!) that is a mentally fulfilling experience that they will cherish for a long time. An example of one such activity is The Storyboard Challenge. Storytelling is a relevant art, but a skill only a few possess. The challenge is to convey a story by working together to create a visual expression of your story. Bringing boring data, flat words, and unexplored ideas to life through this hands on experience that puts your creativity to test.
  2. Outdoor team building activities: Want to increase happiness of your office? Involve your team in a joint outdoor team building activity like The City Race Challenge. It will break the daily routine of the office and will give your team a unique experience. Heavily inspired by a popular TV show, ‘Amazing Race,’ this challenge will push your team towards an adrenaline rush. Along with some great activities, ranging from solving clues to completing funny team tasks, and of course the race to the finish line, the city race challenge will definitely enrich your adventurous spirit.
  3. Digital team building activities: A digital team building activity in the digital era is an apt experience for your forward-thinking team. We teamed up with a French-based company (Urban Gaming) to bring you some of the newest and most innovative digital team building experiences. One popular activity is the Urban Pursuit Challenge, a modern-day treasure hunt designed using tablets and high-end software. This activity will test your mental ability and fire up your neurons creating better bonds and harmony in office.


Employee engagement is one of the most cherished attributes at workplaces across the globe. Pursue it, nurture it, and cherish it to become a productive work force.


Contact us today to know how we can work together and help you improve employee engagement at your workplace.

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