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10 Perspective Shifts For Inner Peace

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Whatever we think impacts our actions, indirectly. When you think of a chocolate pie when you are hungry, chances are high that your body will start moving in the direction of a bakery. When you think of having a smoke, chances are high that you will take a smoke break.

Our thinking effects our chances of doing certain things.

Thinking tilts the balance in the direction of the major thought you have. Chances are high that you begin moving in the wrong direction because of your thinking. There are several situations that test your thought life, but I find these following 10 situations extremely challenging in modern times. They test your limits and affect how you feel at the moment and where you end up going. Below are a few thought hacks which can help you deal with the situation effectively, happy reading!

  1. When you receive a “Payment Due” letter
    Your first thoughts:
    “OMG! I have to pay yet another bill.”
    “It is going to hit my account balance.”
    What else you can think:
    “I am happy to make payments because I can afford to.”
    “I love to avail the services hence I choose to pay the bills.”
  2. When someone overtakes you
    Your first thoughts:
    “What the hell! How can he do this?”
    “%$&^%$$%^^^%%&&%##$” – you know what I mean.
    What else you can think:
    “I allow him to go ahead because I am in no hurry.”
    “He must be in a hurry, I have done him a favour by making space for him.”
  3. A relationship failure
    Your first thoughts:
    “Why does this always happen to me?”
    “I am good for nothing.”
    “I will not get into a relationship now.”
    What else you can think:
    “Thank God! Now the right person will come in my life.”
    “He/she has made space for the right one.”
    “Now I can follow my dreams with extreme focus.”
    “Now I am going to get ample time for myself.”
  4. You're firedWhen you are fired
    Your first thoughts:
    “I am a non-performer.”
    “I will not be able to sustain myself.”
    “It will be difficult to get a job.”
    What else you can think:
    “Now I can pursue my dreams.”
    “It is the right time for me to find what I love to do in life.”
    “I can be an entrepreneur and start my own venture.”
  5. When you fail at an office assignment
    Your first thoughts:
    “I can’t do it.”
    “This is not for me.”
    “I knew this would happen.”
    What else you can think:
    “What’s the learning?”
    “What new strategies can I try?”
    “Who can help me?”
    “What else can I do?”
  6. You deleted and blocked me on Facebook Oh, my. I am so sad. However will I carry on with my lifeWhen someone blocks you on Facebook/Whatsapp
    Your first thoughts:
    “Am I not worthy enough?”
    “How can they do this?”
    “What do they think of themselves?”
    What else you can think:
    “I need to find new friends.”
    “Let me focus on my hobbies.”
    “No one rejects me, I chose my own worth.”
  7. Waiting for a meal at a restaurant
    Your first thoughts:
    “When will my meal arrive?” (angrily)
    “The service is so poor.”
    “They don’t value me.”
    What else you can think:
    “I am here to enjoy the conversation with my loved one.”
    “Let me enjoy the ambiance.”
    “They are preparing something special/fresh for me.”
  8. When you have to stop at the amber light
    Your first thoughts:
    “The driver ahead of me is careless; he made me miss the amber light.”
    “Why do I have to wait at every traffic signal?”
    What else you can think:
    “It is safe to stop at amber light.”
    “Everything happens for the good; maybe an accident would have been waiting to happen.”
  9. When there is no parking space left
    Full packed parking spaceYour first thoughts:
    “&^^&^^&^&@** – now I have to park far off.”
    “Why did I come late?”
    “People don’t know how to park their cars.”
    What else you can think:
    “That’s good, now I will have a good walk to the office gate. It’s good for my heart.”
    “I like that I have to park far off, away from the chaos.”
  10. No network connectivity
    Your first thoughts:
    “When do I get to be active on whatsapp/facebook?”
    “I am expecting messages but now I am not online.”
    What else you can think:
    “I need to spend time with myself.”
    “Things can wait, I am still alive.”
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These perspective shifts are instant solutions to life’s challenges. It is just like putting bandages on a deep wound. To cure the problem fully, you must get to the root of it and solve your problems. Personally I love to write on managing perceptions and in my book Dance To The 7 Tunes Of Success, I present 7 keys to powerful living. The 7 keys helps you solve life’s puzzle and get you on the track meant for you. At FocusU, we also deliver key note sessions for various organizations on subjects such as managing perceptions and other parts of emotional intelligence which help participants become better at personal management. Write to us! We would love to provide a customized solution to your business challenges.

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