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Ashish Thakur

Super hero: Batman | Sports team: FC Bayern Munich, CSK
Cuisine: Indian, Italian | Movie: Forrest gump
Book: Alchemist | Music: Edm, Trap, Electronic
Holiday: Kashmir

Quote: Manners Maketh Man


Ashish Thakur


Ashish aka Ash aka Thakur! As the name suggests, Mr.Thakur is truly a Thakur in every sense. Ash as he is lovingly called out here, is one of the youngest members in our team. He has been blessed with a charming personality and a knack for spreading positivity around in his environment.

He has completed his graduation in Business management studies. He has worked as a Sports Analyst in HUDL. He has also worked in the Exhibition industry as a Business development executive.

Ash has always been adaptable and diligent towards the goals he wants to achieve. He believes in team work and is excellent with his skills to motivate peak individual performance from team members while driving a sustained growth momentum. Ashish’s music playlist can instantly make you move and groove to his tunes.

Ash is an animal lover and has a soft spot for his canine companion and best friend “ Milo”.

As a curious soul, he aims at gaining as much knowledge as possible and improving himself every single day. As a fitness enthusiast, he is never afraid to try a new sport. He loves spending time with his friends and travelling with them. One of his aims is to travel the world – something he gets to do a lot at FocusU.


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