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Abhilash Tomy

Fate told the warrior – “You can’t weather the storm.”
Warrior replied, “I am the storm.”

– Abhilash Tomy

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Some stories get everyone to the edge of their seats. The story of Indian Navy officer, Abhilash Tomy is one such.

Abhilash is one of the better known and most experienced ocean sailors from India. Between November 2012 and March 2013, he sailed around the world, alone and without stops in a 56 foot sailboat. When his 151 day solitary voyage around the world finished at Mumbai, he was received by the Hon’ble President of India.

Raising the bar higher, Abhilash decided to take part in the Golden Globe Race 2018. A 30,000 mile single handed, nonstop, round the world race starting from Les Sables d’Olonne, France, sailors were prohibited from using technology that existed only in 1968.

After 82 days of relentless racing, Abhilash met with a violent accident. He found himself in the middle of the Indian Ocean, caught in a terrible storm which led to a fractured spine and left him disabled. He considers his rescue as one of the most spiritual experiences of his life. Sleep deprived and hurt, when the rescue team finally knocked at the door of his boat, he thought angels had descended from heaven. It was disheartening to retire from a race under such circumstances after years of hard work, but Abhilash vowed to return to the race in 2022 and is working on it.

It took him a whole year of rigorous physiotherapy, exercises, and painful movements to get back on his feet. But his inherent perseverance kept him going and he overcame ever single obstacle in the way of his complete recovery. His personal resilience and an unyielding spirit has continued to inspire thousands of people, across various leadership summits and conferences.

He has also authored two highly celebrated books:
• “151”, a coffee table book on the SP2
• “Kadal Ottakku Kshanichappol”a highly acclaimed book in Malayalam.

His brave and inspiring adventures across the invincible oceans has earned him many an awards and recognitions over the last few years.

• Kirti Chakra 2013 (8th in order of precedence in India after Bharat Ratna)
• Nau Sena Medal 2019
• Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2013
• Mac Gregor Medal for Military Reconnaissance – 2013
• Doctor of Philosophy (h.c.), Jharkhand Rai University
• YAI Offshore Sailor of the Year – 2009, 2013, 2019
• Chief of Naval Staff Commendation – 2009
• Amrita TV Award for Outstanding Human Endurance and Courage – 2013
• Manorama-Idea top two News Makers of 2013

Spotlight Areas:

His extremely engaging and inspiring conversations primarily focus on the following –

• Staying calm during unpredictable situations and extremely risky conditions
• Managing limited resources for optimal use and doing more with less
• Developing resilience
• Leadership


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The vastness of the oceans. A lifelong love affair with adventures. And a revival story unlike any other. What’s not to love and be inspired by? An uncommon story of a common man who rose against the toughest of odds, Abhilash’s story will definitely resonate with your team. Watch your team members come alive with a renewed sense of purpose as Abhilash takes them on a journey across the Indian Ocean and beyond.

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