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Wg Cdr Namrita Chandi

Namrita Chandi

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With over 27 years of versatile leadership experience, Namrita Chandi is a notable figure in business and aviation.

As a former Indian Air Force Helicopter Pilot and Vice President of Indocopters Pvt Ltd, Namrita has been a pivotal force in transforming Airbus helicopter sales across India and South Asia.

But Namrita’s influence extends far beyond the cockpit and the boardroom. As an acclaimed motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and success coach, she has graced platforms like TEDx and numerous keynote events, leaving a lasting impression with her compelling life story and empowering messages.

Her narrative, steeped in resilience and perseverance, serves as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging individuals and organizations to face challenges head-on and to realize their untapped potential.

Namrita has also served as the Chief Ambassador of “The Successful Woman” movement, championing the cause of female empowerment and leadership.

Namrita’s unique blend of real-world experience, coupled with her profound ability to connect and inspire, makes her an ideal mentor for anyone looking to make significant strides in their personal and professional lives.

Over the years, her influence has sparked meaningful transformations, profoundly shaping the personal and professional journeys of those under her guidance.

Spotlight Areas:

  • Leadership & Resilience
  • Women in Leadership
  • Sales & Business Strategy
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal & Professional Transformation

A Few Key Parameters:

60-90 minutes

Time Limit

Keynote Speech

Where this can be run

15 – 500

Group sizes

1 Session

No. Of Session

Debrief can be customised


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